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  1. Yesterday afternoon they gave me instructions on how to proceed. i still need to follow it up to be sure but it seems the backups are back to normal. The solution was an update to (file given by the support team), probably the next available update... i can understand they being with loads of work to do, i did have a payed backup solution that did not work for more than a month, even after the release of the "catalina supported" version (obviously without much testing), and 14 days after they recognize the bug in my case and said "We have a fix and we should be able to provide it to you in the next day or two"....
  2. for example answering my ticket... last update 4 days ago and still waiting.... (ticket opened 14 days ago).... Thank you very much for your comments David.
  3. According to support this is a bug (#8415). I'm still waiting for instructions on how to solve this...
  4. Done!, thanks, i do have paid support i just hoped for more experienced users to have a tip i did not know about. Thanks again. With some luck, i will have a response here or at support and i will post the results .
  5. Hi there, thanks for the quick response and sorry for my delay!! its been an eventful month but am back! As for your comment.... I did checked those articles and did as it suggests. The sever has been updated and all clients checked again for those configs, i attached a screenshot of that so you can see it... also, there is no error in logs showing that kind of problems (as mentioned the KB "Retrospect has detected it is not listed under "Full Disk Access" on the backup source system and cannot access all user data to create a complete backup. Please follow our step-by-step guide: https://www.retrospect.com/kb/macos_full_disk_access.") As for the previous problems they all continue the same.
  6. Hi everyone, from the start we had many different client problems, from double volume listing, to several "mac specific" filters and options that wouldn't work, On Demand Restore won't work, basically all conf lost due to upgrading from 15x to 16x while using certificates to authenticate clients and so.... most of them i managed to fix by myself... Now, after Catalina OS, no client will work, i've done every step in the upgrading guide, verified security configs, even tried to uninstall the client (using the uninstall script) and re installed it with no effect. Persistent issues; 1- In screenshot 1 you will see a client that appears reachable, shows no errors and has every backup mark as successful. After looking closer, those backups are empty, 0kb. If i try to examine this client volume, it will show me an empty list as shown in screenshot 2, and if i try to set up a sub-volume in there, it will give me a permissions error, as seen on screenshot 3 2- Another Client is on a loop trying to be updated. It just "Successfully Executes" updates from 16.1 to 16.5 again and again (message shown in Screenshot 4) 3- The Dashboard just stopped loading, no error, nothing. Tried starting as administrator and running it from console, no error. Task manager does not show any zombi/dormant/frizzed processes 4- We had a few clients that were just unreachable after the upgrade and we had to uninstall and re install only to find them in situation NÂș 1 I'm also attaching the execution log of a client, note that the selector 'selects' 0 files... obviously the selector was checked and worked until the Catalina upgrade, i'm sure it has something to do with the client not being able to read the disk... even after selecting them for such permissions on System Settings Our setup is the following We have a Win server running Retrospect 16.5 and around 40 mac clients, all of them laptops with only one network interface. Server and Clients are on the same subnet, all clients running 16.5. All clients with Catalina show problems Sorry for the screenshots in spanish!
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