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  1. Thanks for the info! I'll keep an eye on future Retrospect plans.
  2. Here's what I did: The backup window when backups are allowed is from 00:00 to 07:00 every day. I ran manual backups on both computers which ran fine. I shut them down overnight so both scheduled nightly backups would be skipped. I restarted both computers around 9:30 AM today which is not in the allowed backup time window. Retrospect did not automatically start "catchup" backups when the computers booted which is good -- it honored my backup time window. But it did schedule "catchup" backups of both computers starting tonight at 00:00 -- the earliest allowed backup time. I think I can live with that; I'll just have to remember to delete these redundant backups (as the scheduled ones will occur a few hours later). Thanks for all the help.
  3. I haven't yet -- but it looks promising. I set the backup window to 00:00-07:00. For testing -- On one computer, I'll perform a manual backup tonight outside the backup window to ensure manual backups are allowed. I'll then shut it down overnight to skip the scheduled nightly backup. I'll restart tomorrow morning again outside the backup window to see if Retrospect tries to run a "catchup" backup. From the documentation, it looks like it won't -- so we might be good. I'll let you know. Thanks!
  4. Go back and read my previous post -- my Friday work is backed up early Saturday morning. Plus ALL s/w changes are checked into a version control system offsite before I stop work.
  5. Thinking on this some more and looking at today's results, I'm not sure if this will work. The only time the backup using the Retrospect Client "fails" (i.e., it runs, but doesn't actually do any work) is when Retrospect thinks it has to run a "catchup" backup. On normal daily backups, it works fine. When doing the "catchup" backups, I'm not sure we have any control on how Retrospect orders the backups for execution nor inserting any delay between the "sacrificial" script and the "normal" script. It looks like Retrospect tries to run the "catchup" as quickly as possible. Or I could be missing something. (It happens -- haha!)
  6. Interesting... I setup 2 sets of scripts for each computer last Saturday. One script runs Saturday and Sunday at 2 AM; the other runs MTWTF at 2AM. I shutdown the computers around 16:00 on Saturday and restarted them around 13:41 today (Monday). Both "Weekend" scripts started at 13:43 today (using Execution units 1 and 2). The script that backs up Computer "B" using the Retrospect Client finished immediately, and then the "Weekday" script for that computer ran (using the same Execution unit) and finished immediately. The "Weekend" script for Computer "A" which runs on "A" completed around 15:00 and then the "Weekday" script started. It completed around 15:56. My assumption is that Retrospect saw that the backup scheduled for Sunday at 2AM ("Weekend" backup) was not run, so it immediately ran it. It then saw the backup for Monday at 2AM ("Weekday" backup) was also not run, so it immediately ran it after the first one finished. It did this for both computers. I think I'm a little worse off than before. What I'm really looking for is a setup option that says "If a backup is missed for any reason, just wait for the next scheduled backup." But I'm open for other suggestions. Thanks!
  7. @mbennett, @DavidHertzberg Thanks for the replies. I'll give those suggestions a try and report back. Great idea on the "sacrificial" script to let the remote computer completely boot! Thanks!
  8. I wouldn't say "never". I almost always (95%) turn off the computers before turning in on Saturday night to avoid the temptation to work on Sundays. They run 24 hrs/day most of the week, so I like to do a clean restart on Monday. If I have projects to work on (I do remote software development), then yes -- I'm probably working on Saturdays. And I'll probably shut everything down after I respond to these posts -- expecting some nasty thunderstorms for the rest of today.
  9. Thanks for the reply! I'll try this the next time I skip a backup and restart the computer.
  10. Retrospect and Windows 10 1903. Not using Proactive. I have backups for 2 Windows 10 computers scheduled for 2 and 3 AM each day. I will often shutdown these computers over the weekend, so no backups are run those days. But when I restart these computers on Monday, Retrospect immediately tries to run the scheduled backups. This slows down the computer doing the backups and I'm not comfortable working on the other computer being backed up. How do I tell Retrospect that if a scheduled backup is missed because resources aren't available, just wait until the next scheduled backup time to try again? I don't want to block off specific times when backups are allowed as I might need to run a manual backup any time of the day. Also (not critical, but an annoyance): Computer A backs up itself and then runs the script for Computer B (who has the Retrospect Client). This works 99.999% of the time for scheduled backups. For these "Monday catchup" backups, even though Computer B is started first and completely booted before I start Computer A, when Computer A runs the script for Computer B, it will run but then stops after a minute with nothing done and marked as successful. If I need to start a new topic for this, I will. If you need more information, please let me know. Thanks!
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