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  1. Latest versions. Been working with Retrospect support on a few issues, this being one. No solutions so far. Thinking our setup with multiple VLANS and IPs/NICs isn't ideal for Retrospect, at least at the moment.
  2. No worries. It is odd, we ask for help here on the forums and are told to go ask Retrospect tech support. We mention we are using the software for basic needs and get accused of being condescending and have our legitimacy questioned. Only one person that's responded provided on-topic and useful information that was concise and to the point, without attacking the poster. Curious to hear your thoughts on why a favorite stops being recognized as a favorite when nothing has changed on the client or server. We have a different thread for that on these forums, we won't be continuing that topic here.
  3. We are an independent technology consulting and support company. Counter to your statement, we are using Retrospect at the low end of the scale. Our own knowledge base of Retrospect support tickets goes back to 1999, 2 years older than the Apple ID of the company founder was established. 😎 The big boss does recollect something about this issue in the deep past and having to, "bind", the IP in a sort of way. Not because of multiple NICs but because of scanning subnets and having issues, or something like that. Our content creation clients with 100TB plus RAID units from Facilis and 45 Drives could never use something like Retrospect and have files backed up in time. At least, not based off our tests. We use Retrospect for office operations and for home professionals, small businesses with smaller files. You know, like it's the 1990s again. 😎 We recently had a working Retrospect backup setup mysteriously forget the favorites that were set, preventing the backup from working until the favorites were re-established. No change to the setup was made before the malfunction occurred. Not the kind of reliability we can use with our bread-and-butter cliental. And exactly the kind of behavior Retrospect has always exhibited. It's a good product but seems to have been stuck in time in some aspects.
  4. Thanks Nigel, that did the trick! Is this in the manual, I don't see it? What to watch for when applying this method: 1. You'll need to remove and re-add the client. 2. The client will show that it is not connected to the network, when it actually is. We have confirmed that the proper NIC is now being used. Short test so speeds are low, or is it encryption, we're using the most basic version? (We rarely get more than 40MB/s with Retrospect when the same setup gets 115MB/s with Chronosync). Now there's all this great troubleshooting info for this topic in the forum where it is searchable! Indi-Tech appreciates the suggestions to "call tech support" and "read the manual", those are great tips for folks who know very little about technology in general.
  5. I've had a working setup that stopped recognizing the favorites I set. I had to manually "browse" each favorite to make Retrospect honor them again. Nothing occurred to the client or server that should have caused this. No updates, crashes––nothing. Latest version of Retrospect, client and server. Mojave 10.14.4 on the client and latest El Cap on the server. Before browsing. After browsing.
  6. How about starting with the client having (2) NICs and tell us how to get the Retrospect server to connect to a specific client NIC.
  7. Thanks DavidHertzberg, we followed all of the steps you mentioned, initially. And have now repeated them. Here's the test setup we are working on that's giving us issues. I think the issue may be that the client (primary server) has (2) NICs, each one on a different VLAN. The client and server always grab the NIC that is assigned as the primary by the OS, but we need it to use the secondary. Client configured, no backup as of yet. Grabs the primary NIC, no option in the client to specify NICs, that we can find. The server has both NICs and subnets configured. The intent is to have the two servers perform backup activities on the subnet and dedicated NICs. When adding the client via subnet, the console only sees the client IP of the primary NIC. Even though we're scanning on the secondary NIC and subnet, the console still reports the client's primary NIC IP/subnet. In the picture below, the IP should be reading So we add the client manually. The client is added and shows the proper IP. Shown, before the first backup. Then once a backup happens, the client IP reverts to the primary NIC of the client. The client shows the private server address on the service VLAN as it should be... ...but the client is communicating on the office VLAN. Net Monitor showing activity on client NICs during backup, confirming backup is occurring on service VLAN. (Gigabit ethernet over Meraki switch, both servers are fast, each with a RAID5 system pushing 500 megabytes per second. Backup speed seems slow, Chronosync pushes 115-125MB/s with the same setup) Office VLAN. The client "Tim" also hosts a share that is used by backup server because the backup server also hosts a share that requires backup. So "Tim" provides the share that is used for that backup. You can see in the image below that "Tim" is configured as a source ( We have no problem with this configuration, and confirmed data transfer is happening on the service VLAN, as it is configured to do. Any thoughts on all of this?
  8. Thanks. Screenshots are generated with MacOS and of the desktop. I may call support, seems like a bug that the correct IP is not displayed. Retrospect server is configured with both NICs, everything is set per the manual's instruction.
  9. v16 All addresses mentioned are static server addresses. I added the client to the server, manually, twice and each time it showed as connected to the VLAN the primary NIC is assigned instead of the IP I manually connected to. For example,, instead of I waited until today and removed and re-added the client from the server end, manually. This time the server end showed the client added with the service VLAN. On the client end it still reports as being connected via the office VLAN, even while being backed up. Misleading, hard to confirm the actual IP/subnets used between client and server. So on the client end it would show and on the server end it shows I also noted that backup speeds were triple that of speeds when backing up over the primary VLAN, that which multicast is present. All factors other than Retrospect ruled out. Both NICs on both servers transfer 120-150MB/s between each other over 1Gbps cat 5e so the difference between NIC/VLAN combos seems to be with Retrospect. The office VLAN, with multicast, gets about 16MB/s throughput, the service VLAN gets about 70MB/s. The RAID units on either server perform at 500MB/s, each.
  10. Hello, We have Retrospect running on a MacOS 10.11 server (3,1 MacPro) with one NIC (primary) assigned to an "office" VLAN/subnet and the other NIC (secondary) assigned to a "service" VLAN/subnet. We have another server that is configured in like fashion. One server is for office operations and the other for our IT services. Retrospect server is configured with both subnets; however, even if the client on the "service" server is added manually with the "service" subnet IP, Retrospect server ends up communicating over the "office" subnet IP. We are trying to keep Retrospect communication on the "service" VLAN/subnet and dedicated NIC but it keeps defaulting to the "office" VLAN/subnet and dedicated NIC which is assigned as the primary NIC in MacOS. Multicast works on the "office" VLAN and is not allowed to transverse VLANs, intentionally. Browsing to add clients works fine over both subnets, are we missing something?
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