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  1. Thanks for the responses, everyone! The barcodes are irrelevant, not the text on the labels. True and while this not a difficult alternative, I will still ask the question why do work that has already been done? At the time of adding a tape to the backup set, the physical label already exists but none Retrospect. It doesn't make sense in my scenario for Retrospect to then generate its own name and necessitate me to rename my media. If there was a way to do this by manually inputting the barcode into Retrospect for systems without a barcode scanner or autoloader, that would be good enough for me. Does this make enough sense for a feature request? The labels from the tape manufacturer are neater and more durable than anything i could make right now with typical office supplies. I would have to go to the store, buy the proper supplies, take time to print the names on the labels, and then apply. That is a bit ridiculous of a solution considering i have experience with Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 & 15 where it is not a problem to have tape names different than media sets. I wouldn't expect Retrospect to change their software's philosophy of tape names and catalog files, but i would like to see a way to attach additional text to each individual tape in a backup set.
  2. I am using Retrospect version 12.5 for Desktop. I have a LTO-4 5.25" SAS Drive (no autoloader) and 30 LTO-4 tapes that already labeled from the manufacturer. I want to add all the tapes to the same backup set and keep their unique names. Every time a tape is added to my single media set, Backup Set A, it automatically gets renamed to an incrementing number like 1-Backup Set A. After doing some research,I found a few people say that this will always be done by Retrospect. Unfortunately this is an inconvenience for me as my tapes are already nicely labeled like GHD633L4 so to label them differently in the software is just going to create confusion and more work for me. The way i see it, i am going to have to create a spreadsheet that says "GHD633L4" is "1-Backup Set A" and so on. Maybe I am missing something or still not understanding it. Is there a way for me to keep the unique tapes names in a backup set?
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