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  1. I have a Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) system that has two network interfaces, and its doing its multicast advertising on the wrong one. Is there no config file or anything for the Linux client so that i can change the interface or even just have it not advertise?
  2. Regarding Retrospect server: On the System Requirements page ( https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/system_requirements_win16 ), it says " Intel processor (64-bit) with one or more multicore processors ". It sounds like it wouldn't work on AMD processors. Is that really that case? If AMD is ok maybe it should be changed to x86_64 or something.
  3. I submitted a support request a while back and they responded pretty quickly with a link to a beta version of Retrospect. This release ( has been working for about 3 weeks with no issues.
  4. the dialog only came up as I tried to start the UI up again. Same here actually. updated to 15.6 and it's been fine for about a week and today, came to find 5 or so scripts just froze with no error. Had to kill retrospect.
  5. its just the usual messages of scripts that execute while retrospect console was not open (usually it is). those messages are usually pertaining to scripts that weren't successful because a client was not found or similar (user turned computer off type of stuff). Don't believe this is related, usually the console is open and so these messages don't come up.Just brought it up since we were talking about hidden messages.
  6. whoops, added Windows 7 Pro x64 Multi Server Premium Version This hasn't been a problem in the past, even with network issues it would error with "network communication error" or something along those lines. As far as invisible dialogs go, usually Interactive Services Detection from windows pops up with something (image attached)
  7. Many of my backups have stopped part ways. At the moment there are 5 scripts stopped on "Scanning (C:) on blah-computer", 1 script mid copy (performance and time remaining/elapsed are not moving), and 1 script in "Finding 'another-computer'" None of these are showing any relevant errors or warnings giving me a clue as to why it has just stopped. I'm able to pause but not stop these are all i can do is force a reboot. This happened on one other occasion and stopped all scripts from executing as well. The interface is still responsive. Interestingly the logs show the last entries at about 7-730 pm but all I can figure from that is they all stopped "at the same time" Also, not all of the scripts stopped, some scripts finished after this time period. Windows 7 Pro x64 Multi Server Premium Version
  8. Sorry, I don't mean any of this as a flame post, they are just my observations. Retrospect version Multi Server Premium - Windows 7 Pro UAC off Retrospect Launcher service on Automatically launch retrospect on Always run Retrospect as the specified user (set to the user I always log in with) no proactive scripts, just scheduled scripts at night Normally I do open it and leave it running but recently I've needed to reboot for non-retrospect related things (win updates, hardware, etc).
  9. I saw the section of running as the same user as what i'm logged in with, and this is already set. To me the biggest problem is that starting the console is faster and more reliable than starting the dashboard. Is there really no way to bypass via a command line parameter or something? It feels like a design issue on the dashboard where retrieving the data and showing the interface are on the same thread and so if getting the data is slow, i'll never be able to click "relaunch" to start the console. The dashboard looks nice, and well organized but it's performance defeats the purpose of a "dashboard". On the side, the notice that says "click launch retrospect" really does not correspond with a graphics only button where it's tooltip doesn't say "launch retrospect"
  10. Retrospect dashboard is extremely slow. Its time consuming just trying to get to the actual retrospect program with having to go through the dashboard every time (if it doesn't freeze first). Is there a way to bypass the dashboard every time?
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