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  1. I have this problem with a certain number of machines in my department. They have the latest client. I have the latest mac version of the server software. The machines are not connected via airport. The machines never go to sleep. The machines are not restarted. At least once a week, one of my 5 or so machines turns up not having backed up, and I go down and find that the client is off. The users do not turn off the client. This is a problem I raised with EMC at MacWorld 06, and was told to upgrade the client. When I told them I had the most recent client, they told me to reinstall after an uninstall. When I told them I had already tried that, they didn't really know what to say. I have not yet checked the console logs, but will do so to see what might be going on. Is there a way to run pitond remotely (via ssh), or with a cron job? Is that the only daemon that needs to be run?
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but the client is not being moved after the install. I'll try it again, and hope it works out.
  3. I've installed client 6.0.108 on most of the machines I back up. I'm running 5.1 for Mac OS X Server version for the backups. For some strange reason, I have two computers where the Retrospect client turns itself off after a few days. Most of my computers don't, but every few days to couple of weeks, these two will be shut off, and the logs indicate that (that's how I know it's happening. The machines are both running Panther, but that's where the similarity ends. One's a G5, the other a G4. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I'm trying to run a script that backs up a remote volume to a different remote volume. In the past I remember there being a way to mount an appleshare volume on my backup server, and then backup a remote client to it. I remember there being a way to do it without applescript, so if anyone can remind me how this worked, it would be much appreciated. Running Retrospect 5. Thanks in advance.
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