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  1. Hi Go ahead and restore. Retrospect is designed to do this. Files that are in use at the time of restore are replaced when you reboot. Thanks Nate
  2. Hi The files are in use by another application so Retrospect cannot access them. The Retrospect open file backup add on is really the best way to fix this. If that isn't an option then you will need to close the applications that have files open. Thanks Nate
  3. Hi When the errors occur, what does the client control panel say on the client computer? Is it still on? Does turning the client off and on again make any difference? Thanks nate
  4. Hi I have talked to customers in the past who had problems using PATA and SATA drives together. There were problems in transferring data between the two and all kinds of errors resulted. Are the drivers for both controllers up to date? Chipset drivers for the motherboard are another thing to look into. Thanks Nate
  5. Hi Details on the errors are not posted in the email. Have you considered using reports watcher? That will post the backup report to a web server so you can easily check errors. Nate
  6. Hi The manual has some guidelines but they are out of date. When possible Retrospect includes the catalog file on the DR CD. That way you can spend less time rebuilding the catalog file. It follows then that you would ideally want to recreate a DR CD any time you do a recycle backup or use a new backup set. My take is like this: The DR CD includes windows setup files and all the drivers needed to get your system functioning on a basic level. As long as there are no major hardware, driver or service pack changes you will be able to use your existing DR CD. Changing the format of your hard disks does not make a difference. Thanks Nate
  7. Hi What is the make and model of your DVD drive as listed in configure->devices->environment? Thanks nate
  8. Hi What kind of network volume is this? A windows computer or a NAS device? The RBU user has full admin rights on the machine running Retrospect, right? You must use an RBU. The script will always fail if you use the "logged on user" setting. Thanks nate
  9. Hi You might also want to turn off windows XP system restore on the disk where the backup set is saved. Thanks Nate
  10. Hi This will occur when you have checked the box for "require a password for user restore" box in the user restore preferences. Is that checked? Thanks Nate
  11. Thanks for the clarification. What version of the Nforce drivers do you have installed? What version of Retrospect are you using? If you are not using the RAID features of the SATA controler don't install the RAID drivers. That can cause other problems. I suspect an update of the nvidia drivers will help. Thanks Nate
  12. Hi So you are using a SATA-SCSI converter? Or is this a native SATA tape drive? Any details you could provide would be a big help. Thanks nate
  13. Hi Chances are the files or the filesystem information about the files are corrupt. Move (don't copy) the files to another physical hard disk. Then move them back. That should fix it. Nate
  14. Hi Stop IP tables on the client machine temporarily and see if the connection will work. You can also try connecting via direct IP address. Thanks nate
  15. Hi It means there is a problem with the data on the tape. That is bad. Does this error happen on all tapes with all backup sets or just some of them? Thanks Nate
  16. Hi I have heard of spyware protection software intefering with all kinds of things. Have you tried selectively starting up without them to see if the problem goes away? My hunch is one of them is also using .net and causing problems when express HD tries to load. The Blue one touch icon is part of Maxtor's software. It is not a part of Express HD. Nate
  17. Hi You might want to stop this one and install the 1.1 update. That may resolve it for you. http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=8153&p=2 Nate
  18. Hi Did you run Setup again in Express HD? It should recognize the old restore points. Retrospect 7.5 can read the backup set and rebuild the catalog as needed. If you are in a pinch you can sign up for a trial version to run the restore. The upgrade to 7.5 is worth it even if you don't need to restore right away. Nate
  19. Hi It sounds like the permissions for this user account may be corrupt. Can you try logging in as another admin user and running Retrospect? Thanks, Nate
  20. Hi Reformat the external drive as NTFS and try again. That may clear it up. Are your RAID drivers up to date? Read/write errors are likely the cause here. Nate
  21. Hi Thanks for the clarification. Are you using a spyware protection program? If so, is it up to date? Thanks Nate
  22. Hi Express HD only creates one backup set. You won't end up with two independent backup sets like you were hoping. Browse the Maxtor install CD. The network folder has a copy of Retrospect Express 6.0. It is more complex to use but it will allow you to set up two backup sets. Nate
  23. Hi, IF your drive is connected by USB 1.1 this is quite possible. Is the light on the front of the Maxtor drive flashing? i.e. is something actually happening or is the program stuck? Nate
  24. Hi Does the OEM install disk include XP Service Pack2? If you are running service pack2 the CD you use to create the disaster recovery disk must also include service pack2. You really don't need a disaster recovery disk anyway. If the computer crashes use your dell disks to get up and running again, install Retrospect and do a restore from there. Nate
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