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  1. Hi You should be able to do this with just the 4 backup sets. Just stagger the recyclest. For example, recycle set A, then do normals for two months. Recycle set B, do normals for two months etc. In the end you will keep a "rolling" 6 months of backup. At any given time one set will have 6 months of backup, one will have 4 months, one will have 2 months and one will have 1 day. Thanks Nate
  2. Hi This means the data on the backup media is corrupt. Chances are the media is bad. Don't trust it! Run another backup on different media. Thanks nate
  3. Hi Did you reboot in directory services restore mode after the restore? The machine won't be restored properly if you don't. Nate
  4. Hi Is your XP install CD a standard version or is it an OEM version? Thanks Nate
  5. natew

    NTFS errors

    Hi Howard, I assume these errors happen on the same files every time you run a backup? Can you try this please? Copy and paste one of the log files to another location on disk and run another backup. Does the copied file cause an error as well? Thanks Nate
  6. Hi You are correct that Retrospect should be asking for the first disk. Are you sure the set is recycled? What do the backup set properties say about members and used space? Thanks nate
  7. Hi This can happen if you are duplicating to a network share - especially a Linux powered NAS or Samba server. Please tell us what the source and destinations for your duplicate are. Thanks Nate
  8. Hi Retrospect includes the catalog file when it has enough space to do so. That is getting rare these days now that OS and drivers take up so much space. Thanks Nate
  9. Hi The file or the directory information about the file is likely corrupt on disk. You wouldn't notice this with every day use of the machine but Retrospect scans and checks files very closely. If it happens on the same file every time: Move (don't copy) the file to another disk. Then checkdisk and defrag the original source disk and move the file back. That should fix it. Nate
  10. Hi Update the firmware and OS of the SNAP. Make sure the administrator user you specify in the Retrospect security preferences has admin rights on the machine running Retrospect. It does _not_ need to have admin rights on the SNAP server. Chances are this is a problem on the SNAP itself. The built in OS doesn't work as well as a real windows machine so problems can arise. Thanks nate
  11. Hmmmmm Have you ever installed UIR even though it is not enabled now? That may have something to do with it. You may be better off starting with clean Retrospect preference files. Just delete the config75.dat and config75.bak files located in the Documents and settings\all users\application data\Retrospect directory. Thanks Nate
  12. Hi What is the driver version of the Atto card? Make sure you have the latest from Atto. I would install the Atto SCSI utility as well. After the failure does anything else wierd happen? i.e. problems moving tapes or seeing the drive? Thanks Nate
  13. Hi Which driver update version are you using now? Thanks Nate
  14. Hi OS and Retrospect version please? Can you tell us what Retrospect is doing when the error occurs? Nate
  15. Hi Have you updated to Retrospect Express HD 1.1 as outlined here: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=5209&p=2 Thanks Nate
  16. Hi For the moment- Reinstall using your Dell CDs and then apply any automatic updates to windows. Then download a trial version of Retrospect 7.5 and use it to run the restore. It sounds like the volume shadow copy service is not working properly after you run the Dell restore CDs. Applying windows updates may help with that. Nate
  17. Hi Keep in mind that most restore points are just incremental backups. They aren't very big. Is the restore points folder on the hard drive really that big? or is something else taking up space on the drive? Thanks Nate
  18. Hi This page has information on how to resolve the issue. Be sure to update to Express HD 1.1 also. http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=5209&p=2 Thanks Nate
  19. Hi Dell customizes the Windows setup files. As a result the Disaster Recovery disc creation fails. Thanks nate
  20. Hi Retrospect Express HD cannot do a recycle. It can only delete old files. Old restore points are deleted automatically when the disk gets full. This does not need to be activated by the user. Thanks Nate
  21. Hi What is the title of the thread? Nate
  22. Hi A backup set is the container for all of your backup data. Backup sets contain multiple restore points. In your case the backup set contains restore points for both drives. Thanks nate
  23. Hi It means there is a filename somewhere on your computer that is causing problems. A windows scandisk might pick up the problem and correct it. Thanks Nate
  24. Hi Retrospect handles the backup sets differently so you will have to change the way you look at things a bit. Each backup set is a complete full backup independent of all the others. Here is what I would do: do a full (recycle) backup to set A on Frida and then normal (incrementals) all week til Thursday. Every backup includes a full snapshot of each volume so it is as if you are getting a full backup every day even though you are only backing up files incrementally. On Friday - take Set A off site and repeat the above process with set B. That handles the weekly backups. For the 6 month weekly backup history I would simply stretch out the interval between recycle backups on sets A - D so that they keep 6 months worth of data. I would make a seperate backup set for the monthlies. You might want to consider using Retrospect's disk to disk to tape capabilities instead. That way you can do your dailies to regular disk storage and dump a synthetic full backup to tape at any time. Thanks Nate
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