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  1. Hi In the options of your script, turn off the "protect multi-volume data sets" option. Does the error occur on all drives or just the dynamic disk? Thanks Nate
  2. Hi What is your backup device? Are you using encryption or software encryption with Retrospect? If you are using tape drives make sure that backup exec's tape drivers and services are stopped before using Retrospect. Thanks Nate
  3. Hi Make sure you have Retrospect 7.0.326 _and_ driver update installed. Thanks Nate
  4. Hi If you are transferring database backups make sure that the Transfer intermediate database snapshot option is enabled. Database backup does not use progressive backup like other Retrospect backups. This setting is required so all database backups are copied properly. Thanks Nate
  5. Hi Is this occuring on the same machine that had slow closing times? Does it also happen if you install Retrospect on another machine? Thanks Nate
  6. Hi This is a Windows limitation, not Retrospect or the Maxtor drive. You can't simply move Windows from one motherboard to another. This is one of the main reasons virtualization software like VMware has become so popular. It allows you to move your OS to any hardware environment. Thanks Nate
  7. Hi Please update to Express HD 1.1 and try this again. http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=5209&p=2 Also, click the "restore" button and delete any restore points you don't need. Thanks nate
  8. Hi Please apply the update. It supports windows 2003. Where did you see that it does not support Server OSes? Thanks Nate
  9. Hi They are waiting for you to push the button on the one touch drive. Those processes also allow backups to run in the background while you work normally on the machine. Thanks Nate
  10. hscampbell, The jit debugger error is a problem with .net framework. Steps to resolve the issue are posted here http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=5209&p=2 interity, Try using windows to drag and drop a large amount of data to the Maxtor drive. If you get a blue screen chances are there is a driver problem with your USB2 controller or some other connection related issue. Thanks Nate
  11. Hi Did you click on the setup button and run through it? Express HD may not see your restore points if you don't do this. Thanks Nate
  12. Hi It sounds like you were trying to do a restore entire disk restore from a snapshot with no registry. That won't work (for good reason). You should be able to do a standard "restore files and folders". Thanks Nate
  13. Hi Ben Jones, If system restore can't see it there is a problem connecting to the drive. You might need to reformat it in the Windows disk management tool. Schoenae, Update to Express HD 1.1. If the problems continue delete the restorepoints.rbc file from your maxtor drive and restart the machine. Then launch Express HD again. Thanks Nate
  14. Hi If you are getting rid of all of the backup data, delete them all. If you are just rebuilding the catalog file, delete the .rbc file only. Thanks Nate
  15. Hi Can you try backing up to another disk? I suspect the Maxtor disk may be failing or that there is a USB communication problem on the machine. If you have a firewire port on the Maxtor drive, try connecting that way. Thanks Nate
  16. Hi With tape you cannot delete only old snapshots. You have two main options when a tape gets full: 1)Run a recycle backup to erase the tape or 2)Add another tape Your current backup strategy isn't very good anyway. You should do this instead. Create 4 backup sets Named week A, Week B, Week C, Week D. week A Recycle backup on Friday, Normal backup Mon-Thurs the following Week Friday do a recycle backup to backup set B, Normal backup Mon-Thrus the following week. Repeat. Nate
  17. Hello Marc, Try this: Recycle the set, opent the backup set properties and delete all of the members listed there. Then backup again and try a recycle as you normally would. If the problem continues - Recycle the set, delete all members, type CTRL + ALT + P + P in Retrospect to bring up the hidden preferences. Under the execution heading there should be a line referring to removable disks. Change that setting and try a backup again. Thanks nate
  18. Hi Use the Windows device manager do disabpe the write cache on the Maxtor drive you are using for backup. Do the errors still occur? Nate
  19. Hi Retrospect uses "progressive backup" so full and incremental backups are managed automatically. You don't need to manage them. A better fit for Retrospect is like this: Create 4 backup sets, one for each drive: Week A = Drive A: Recycle backup on Monday, Normal backup on Tues-Fri The following monday take Drive A off site for safekeeping and move to drive B Week B = Drive B: Recycle backup on Monday, Normal backup on Tues-Fri The following monday take Drive B off site for safekeeping and move to drive C Repeat... This will give you 3 weeks minimum of backup history, 4 completely independent backups, 3 sets off site at any given time. It is also really easy to maintain the media rotation. If you tell us more about your overall backup strategy we can offer other suggestions too. Thanks Nate
  20. Hi Selectors have no way to tell if a file exists in a backup already. It is a filter of the source data and does not reference the backup set at any time. The only way you can do this is if you specify the date of the full backup in your selector. You will have to change the date every time you run a recycle backup or use a new backup set. I would do something like: Exclude file size is larger than 500MB and Modify date is after x(the day after you run your full backup) Nate
  21. Hi This problem happened out of the blue? Have you performed any updates on the client machine? Driver updates? New drives? Changes in RAID/mirroring setup? It could also be corruption in access permissions on the machine. When you installed Retrospect client were you logged in as the machine administrator? Thanks Nate
  22. Hi The NEC ND-4550A is supported in Retrospect 7.0 and above. Unfortunately our site isn't showing it properly right now. You can upgrade from Express 5.6 to Professional 7.5. In the future please start a new thread for off topic questions. Thanks nate
  23. Hi If your drive is not seen by the software there is a connectivity problem. That is either a problem with the drive or in Windows. Right click on the windows my computer icon and click on the system restore tab. Does the drive show up there? If not then there is a problem accessing the drive. Once that problem is resolved Retrospect Express HD will work as advertised. Thanks Nate
  24. Hi To delete the backup data: Delete the restorepoints.rbc file Delete the restore points folder Run setup again in Retrospect Express HD Or you could just reformat the drive and run setup again in Express HD. Thanks nate
  25. Hi Update to Express HD 1.1 as listed here: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=5209&p=2 That should help Nate
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