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  1. Quote: Hi The one touch button does a "duplicate" not a "backup". You can drag and drop your files from the external disk to your internal drive but you can't do a "restore". Unless of course you did a "backup" previously? Thanks Nate This is not true of the Maxtor One Touch II. It does a standard Retrospect backup when the button is pressed (i.e., all the backup files are .rdb files -- I just checked after reading your above) unless you specifically set up the software to do a duplicate. (The Retrospect Express HD is v1.0.196). ACD
  2. Anettis -- Yes, it's normal. I finally ended up calling Maxtor, and after dancing around with one of their regular tech support people who clearly knew very little technical beyond the ordinary, he bumped me up to one of their engineering staff. Engineering guy told me quite frankly they spec-ed the software that way because their prior version was confusing most of their users because it gave them too many options, and too many things to look at. After learning that, I "solved" the problem for myself by simply reprogramming the One Touch button to call the Retrospect app directly (RetroExpress.exe), and I then work the backup diretly from the Retrospect screen (which is also designed to show only minimal information). Not the solution I wanted, but it will have to do. ACD
  3. Nate-- Hi. I've a similar problem, but didn't recognize it as a problem until reading your above. I simply thought it was, um, careless programming on either Maxtor's or Dantz's part. When I press the button on my just installed Maxtor One Touch II (Windows XP-SP2), I get a little ballon that says backup will start in 19 seconds. It counts down, then the ballon disappears, and the backup begins -- blind; i.e., nothing displays on the monitor. The backup continues normally otherwise, and when complete, a bell sounds, and the backup ends (successful, as determined afterwards by my manually opening Retrospect, and checking the restore points). What program should the Maxtor One Touch II be calling when the button is pressed? Would that be RetroExpress.exe in the Dantz program folder? Thanks. ACD
  4. RE, my above post reporting that RExpHD frequently became nonresponsive, I think the problem is solved. Seems RExpHD was running into my Norton Internet Security's firewall, and was shut down by it (I have XP's SP2 firewall disabled). After setting Norton to give RExpHD carte blanche clearance to do its thing, the problem has disappeared. ACD
  5. Add my voice to those above. Maxtor One Touch II with Retrospect Express HD, running under Windows XP. Retrospect initialized as it should, but mysteriously becomes nonresponsive quite frequently (i.e., clicking on either the System Tray icon, or the listing in the Start Menu, does not launch the app), and one must reboot the entire machine in order to make Retrospect Express again available. This is not good news. ACD
  6. Yesterday I received an eMail bearing Dantz's name telling me that a new RDU was available for Retrospect 6.5 for Windows. Something about the eMail made me NOT click on the provided link, but instead come to the Dantz website to see whether any new RDU for Windows existed. No new RDU for Windows was listed. Does Dantz know anything about this eMail? (Stupidly, I left the eMail in my automatically delete on closing folder, and so now it's gone.) ACD
  7. Quote: natew said: Hi You might also want to check DMA settings for the zip drive. If I recall correctly IDE zip drives are natively supported in Win98. You may just want to uninstall Iomega tools altogether. Learn something new every day. I was under the impression that Iomegaware contained the driver for the ZIP drives. After reading your above note, I checked the Device Manager and saw that indeed the driver controlling the ZIP drive was native to WIN98SE. As per your advice, I uninstalled Iomegaware completely, and tried my Retrospect backup to the ZIP drive. Went without a hitch. But that's only one time (as noted, it failed only some 50% of the time). Have to see how that holds up on repeated backups. Thanks again, Nate. ACD
  8. Quote: natew said: Hi Retrospect uses the installed windows drivers to access the disk so I doubt that is the problem. Do you have IOmega tools installed? What hard disk controller are you using? Any active virus scanning software? Thanks Nate Ah! Excellent. Since Retrospect uses the Windows (Iomega) drivers for the ZIP drive, that narrows the problem down to the Iomegaware (v 4) driver. I'll purge the Registry of all the old Iomega keys and values, and reinstall Iomegaware, and see whether that clears up the problem. Thanks for your lightning-fast response, Nate. ACD
  9. Hello. OS is Win98SE Retrospect Pro 6.5 (with newest driver) My normal backup is to a HD which goes flawlessly all the time, every time. I also do a specialized backup to an internal ATAPI 250MB ZIP drive which specialized backup is far less than the ZIP disc max (i.e., no changing of media required). Problem: More than 50% of the time, the backup begins OK, and then about 50 files in, I get the system Blue Screen Of Death from which there is no recovery other than to shut down the machine, and do a cold start. Each time that happens I of course must do a RECYCLE backup to the ZIP backup set as the NORMAL backup fails (corrupted set; I forget the actual wording of the error message). Have y'all run into this problem before, or if not, offer a guess as to what might be causing it? ACD
  10. Many thanks, Hofstede. Very well hidden, indeed. I agree that option should be in the Preferences section. Seems only logical. Happy New Year! to you. ACD
  11. Is there any way to disable the Backup View window from displaying when Retrospect 6.5 first loads? I searched everywhere, and can find no option for disabling that display. Thanks. ACD
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