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  1. Until the bug is fixed, you could try this: Exclude files whose size is larger than 40 GB AND whose name includes a curly left brace AND whose name includes a curly right brace AND whose name includes a dash (minus) That is, of course, not suitable for the scripts where you backup a bootable disk.
  2. It would not be the first time that a Windows update breaks Retrospect. It often takes months for Microsoft to correct the problems. Is there anything else but System Volume Information that is backed up, that should not be backed up? Have you checked that everything you want to backup is actually backed up?
  3. That ends with "Exclude nothing" !!!! You specifically include "System Volume information" in what you want to backup. In fact, you seem to backup "junk" files ONLY. You must have reversed the meaning of the selector.
  4. I also found some more information here: https://fossbytes.com/system-volume-information-folder-windows-shrink/
  5. You should run the cmd window as Administrator. Then, in order to see hidden files, you should type: dir /a:h "system volume information"
  6. From the error it looks like it is your C: drive that causes the problem ("can't read error"). If it was the destination, the error should say "can't write error" or something like that. I would check the C: drive, both the S.M.A.R.T. status as well as doing a surface scan. (Windows CHKDSK does not do a surface scan.)
  7. I finally got around to trying this. Sorry about the delay. First try: Stopped the engine, renamed my 337 MB config80.dat file, rebooted the computer. The client was still there, no dashboard. Second try: Stopped the engine, Moved my renamed file, the .bak and the newly created .dat (955kB) to the desktop, rebooted the computer. The client was still there, no dashboard.
  8. If you have installed software that enables you to write to NTFS disks, Fuse is often part of the package.
  9. I do not think so. Only if you are using third party file systems, such as NTFS.
  10. Does it have to be manually? Can it be a script? If "yes", create a script and schedule it to run once at a time in a few minutes from "now".
  11. SATA is a type of connection. It is used on both SSD as well as HDD. I would use an SSD for the catalog file and HDDs as members of the Media Set. Is this to be used as a 24/7 server? Then WD RED would probably be a better choice than WD Black.
  12. David, I'm using the Desktop Edition 15.6.1 (105), too. Step 1 on your linked page says you should sign up.
  13. I'm also on 15.6.1 (105). I see(in the KB article) that I have to sign up for the Management Console. I never did that (didn't know there was a Management Console), so that's why my console is empty. I do not see any real need for me to use the Management Console so I don't bother with it. Thank you David, for the links.
  14. Hello David, In my case it is on the backup server itself. I will have to read up on your links tomorrow.
  15. Then I have the same "problem", because my dashboard is empty, too.
  16. Yes, it is supposed to be blank until you select something, such as "Activities", "Scripts" or "Past Backups".
  17. Not really. Is this a backup? Or is it an original/archive? If it is a backup, you could set the tape as "lost" in Retrospect and run a backup from the original. Retrospect will backup the files that was on the bad/lost tape. Yes, see above in this post.
  18. No, there isn't. No, you can't. Both the source as well as the destination must be different for scripts to run concurrently. You could run a normal backup script from the source computer(s) to media set A. Then you could run a "Copy Backup" script from Media Set A to Media Set B. That way the source computer(s) is/are not involved and free for other uses.
  19. I see. I don't use the console, so wasn't really aware of the issue. As I understand it, this is a cosmetic bug in the console. You also write "appear" deferred. Does that mean your scripts are actually running? The kb points out that the console is (too) different in versions prior to 12.5, so if you are really affected by this problem, you will have to upgrade.
  20. It isn't the first time that some versions of Windows 10 screws up Retrospect. It looks like Microsoft has fixed that problem in this Windows update.
  21. It's not just a question of modified dates. It can be any date. I have seen files where the creation date is later than the modified date. I know it should not happen, but it did. The following was written years ago. I expect more file meta-data is being checked nowadays, especially changes in ACL/ACE. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/secauthz/access-control-lists
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