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  1. Please try the Retrospect 8 forum: http://forums.dantz.com/showforum.php?fid/129/ (You posted in the Retrospect 6 forum)
  2. Should it be gigabit? Then you might have a hardware problem with your network. If 100 Mbps is what you are expecting, then something is flooding your network. Scanning should not use that much. (A customer of ours had all kinds of weird network problems. It turned out a printer was suddenly flooding the network for no apparent reason.)
  3. Grooming a 1TB backup set on a Windows server with Retrospect and the backup set on a (fast) NAS with gigabit ethernet takes less than 10 hours, probably about 5 hours. "Ethernet" is from 10 Mb/s and up. What is your speed? "NAS", is that a slow, cheap NAS or what? What kind of computer are you running Retrospect on?
  4. Check the network connection. Has Retrospect started using the wireless network? Or has your network fallen down to 10 megabits?
  5. Your link to a screen shot refers to a file on YOUR hard drive and can't be seen by anyone else. What kind of backup set are they? (disk, tape or ...) I don't believe there is an option to "copy" a backup set. Maybe you mean "Transfer"? Please describe what you are doing in more detail, using the Retrospect vocabulary.
  6. Please post the relevant part of the log file. I'm running the same version as you from a NAS server to an LTO-3 tape loader without problems.
  7. Then I'm out of ideas. Sorry. This forum is only user-to-user. You might want to contact Retrospect Support
  8. The free space should be enough (assuming that C: is indeed the boot drive). Now, was CHKDSK able to correct the errors?
  9. When using Backup Open Files, Retrospect stores files on the client's boot hard drive. The boot drive is normally C:, but there is no guarantee. So, how much free space is there on the client's boot drive? Have you tried running CHKDSK on the client's boot drive?
  10. The Mac client was not found from the Windows Retrospect server using Multicast, but it was found with direct address. So I tried uninstall the Retrospect client on the Mac, re-installed and restarted the Mac. The Mac STILL client was not found from the Windows Retrospect server using Multicast, but it was found with direct address. So I forgot it and added it again with direct address. But would installing Retrospect 8.2 cause this problem? And I'm still wanting an answer to: Which Mac Retrospect client should I be running with the above Windows Retrospect Server? Which Windows Retrospect client should I be running with the above Windows Retrospect Server?
  11. You may have a corrupt disk directory. Try running CHKDSK.
  12. Yes, I can ping the client from the Windows Retrospect server. That would be like seeing itself: This Mac computer is a "client" in the context of our Retrospect Server on Windows. And that's what I got problem with. The SAME Mac computer is acting as a Retrospect Server on Mac.
  13. Hello. Server is running 7.6.123, Driver update and hot fix Windows 2003 Server. Client is running client 6.2.234, Mac OS X 10.6.4. Everything worked fine until I installed Retrospect 8.2 (server) on the Mac for test purposes. Now the Windows server can't connect to the Mac client, the error is -530. Other Mac clients are still fine. I tried reinstalling the Retrospect Mac client software (without uninstall first, I don't like to have to add the client to all scripts again.) I tried restarting the Mac. I tried stopping the Retrospect 8 engine. Firewall is off (as always). How do I get the backups working again? As a side note: Which Mac Retrospect client should I be running with the above Windows Retrospect Server? Which Windows Retrospect client should I be running with the above Windows Retrospect Server?
  14. Running Retrospect 6 on Snow Leopard is not supported and that is the cause of the problems you see.
  15. The problem is that Energy Saver only triggers on user activity such as mouse moved, key pressed on keyboard, insert a CD and so on. Sorry, I don't have a solution for you.
  16. Issue 1: Do you have one Retrospect Exchange add-on license per Exchange server you want to backup? Issue 2: You seem to have everything set up correctly and yet it doesn't work. Do you have any routers or anything that might block UDP port 497 or TCP port 497?
  17. Retrospect is VERY strict about recycling etc to not cause data loss. Say you recycle last week's backup and then have a failure before the backup is finished. Anyway, there might be a solution. Schedule a recycle backup every third week for each backup set like the one you have now, EXCEPT you should only backup something small. Take the server's local C: drive, for instance. Then move all the other sources to a Proactive script that has three destinations, the three backup sets. Now, after a long weekend, the "Recycle" script will fail since the right drive isn't available. But the Proactive script will use whatever destination that is available, which means continuing on last week's backup set. (This means you won't lose last week's backups in the recycle you wanted to do.)
  18. I had the impression that Retrospect 8 would finally be multithreaded, but I can't get it to work. RetroEngine uses at most 100% of ONE processor core. Yet, the recommendation is Intel Core Duo processor. ( Why recommend two cores if Retrospect isn't going to use them? ) Now, how do I get Retrospect to use all cores for software compression?
  19. Use the hardware compression. It always compresses in real time. Software compression is a performance hit. (I think software compression isn't an option when hardware compression is used.) I think the files will be sent uncompressed to the tape drive and re-compressed there.
  20. Did you or did you not report this to support? I'm quite anxious to get this fixed and I can't reproduce it reliably enough.
  21. Try another USB disk. Try another USB cable. It might be one of those, not your Mac.
  22. Right, you have been longer than me. I never can figure out the order of dates (seems different for each country), so I don't even try until I really need to read them.  Well, $75 buys you one hour of time at a consultant. OK, you might get two hours if you find a cheap one. And a support incident may often take much longer than that to investigate. But Roxio apparently has discontinued the $75 charge anyway, which is a good thing.
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