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  1. Hi guys. I'm wondering why I don't see my NAS as a target destination for backups. I have the NAS mounted using SMB in OSX Sierra. My NAS is a Synology running DSM6.1. Thanks a lot!
  2. Interesting. I will try that. I don't see how Retrospect couldn't be the issue because I was watching the operation as it completed, and as soon as it did, bang the folder was gone. Very strange.
  3. Hey, thanks Lennart. That did the trick and made them show up, but do you have any idea why, and how Retrospect might have done this? They are hidden, but the folder name doesn't have a period in it. Any ideas on how to un-hide them?
  4. We are running Retrospect Single Server on a Mac Mini and backing up about 4 clients. We are a post production audio facility and one part of our Retrospect strategy is to do hourly copy operations of our audio work. I have an 18TB RAID on the server that I'm using as a destination for each of the drives. I'm using the copy strategy 'overwrite entire volume' because it doesn't copy stuff that hasn't changed, so it works well for us. However, on one machine, that strategy erased, or hid the source folder on the client, and did the same thing with the destination. I can still browse the source from within Retrospect, so it appears to still be there, but I can't see it in the Finder, thus making it useless. Anyone else ever run into this? This strategy is working fine on the other clients, but not this particular one. Any ideas? Thanks!
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