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  1. Yep, that did it - I just couldn't find it until you mentioned script options. Thanks much!
  2. Thanks for the response. I see your point, and that could be an issue in some environments, but I haven't noticed a performance hit substantial enough to interfere with anything critical in my particular environment. I think there should be a way - where do you adjust the amount of time the notification counts down before defaulting to 'backup'? Maybe that can be set to '0' to accomplish what I'm looking for.
  3. I'm running Backup Server from 6.0, OS X Server 10.3.3. How do I turn off the client notification that prompts each client to either choose 'backup' or 'defer'? It currently counts down a few seconds and backs up, but I don't want them to receive any notification except if they don't get backed up for xx number of days. Thanks in advance!
  4. How do I clean up Catalogs created by daily Backup Server scripts to keep them from becoming too large? I'm using Retrospect 6.0 Server for Mac. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I think I need some more help: I'm using a 6.0 backup server script to perform daily backups of documents on several clients (office docs, etc.). I need to be able to clean up that backup set every month or so to keep the size from getting out of hand. How do I do that? I had planned to build some run document and either cron it or just run as needed, but I can't figure out what script to build. Or if I'm even on the right track. Thanks again in advance.
  6. How do I create a run document in 6.0 Server for Mac? I've read the users guide, searched, etc., but the directions don't make sense with the options on my screen. Thanks in advance.
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