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  1. Date: 2016-010-03 The dashboard stopped working altogether about a month ago. When I start it, the Windows UAC dialog comes up, I opt to let the program run, there is a pause then nothing.... ever. Since Retrospect won't let me open it I'm stuck. There is only one solution. Reboot the computer. For a short time after a reboot, Retrospect will allow me to start it. I don't know how long a window I have. After all the scripts for the day have run, then Retrospect will allow me to start it. If there isn't a fix to this, then this is the last version of Retrospect I'm paying for.
  2. All of a sudden the dashboard has started to work. I have no idea why. Although that brings up additional issues. The dashboard is useless. Very often it shows nothing happening, yet if I look at the Task manager, Retrospect is running and using significant CPU resources. The dashboard can show nothing happening for hours while I know a backup is running. In addition quite frequently when I attempt to run Retrospect I will be told I can't open it because it is busy when it is not. I have the look-ahead time set to the minimum so I don't know what's going on.
  3. The title says it all. Retrospect runs but when I attempt to start the dashboard to see what's going on first I get the usual WIndows window wondering if I really really really want to run the program; when I say yes the cursor goes into the busy mode for 10 seconds or so and then poof - nothing. There's no indication in the task manager that the dashboard is running either. Does anyone have a solution?
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