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  1. Hi Lennart_T, Yes, I believe you are correct and I must've opened the backup set and reselected the backup folder on the drive to reset the values of the drive (capacity, UUID (?), etc.). Thanks for refreshing my memory and I've added that extra step to my clone doc! bryan
  2. I am running Retrospect Desktop v12.6.1.101 on a Windows 7 Pro system. Earlier this year, I cloned a complete backup set from a 1TB external drive to a 3TB external drive using a partition manager called MiniTools. My Retrospect scripts continued working with the new cloned drive without a hiccup. Not only have the backups continued working, but I have done restores from the new drive, too. All was good! Last weekend, I cloned another complete - but different - backup set from a 2TB external drive to a 4TB external drive. I followed the exact same procedure I used earlier in the year (I took screenshots the first time). However, Retrospect is not finding the new backup set when I run my backup script, it appears: The volume label, file system type (NTFS), allocation unit size and the number of files and folders are all identical as one would expect after a disk clone. Of course, I extended the partition on the new drive during the clone to take advantage of the entire 4TB. The only odd thing is that, if you look at the member properties for the new 4TB drive, it says it’s 2TB in size. What am I missing? My research in this forum hasn’t turned up anything except that Retrospect uses UUID for identifying disks. I’m not sure if this a new feature in Retrospect v12. Besides, if it DOES use UUID then why did my earlier clone this year work? (I think I was on v12 of Retrospect when I did the earlier clone this year). Ideas anyone? bryan
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