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  1. Hi We have got an old Backup-set with over 80 tapes, LTO2 and LTO3 and bought a new tape loader....(that is LTO6). But we also have an old single drive LTO3. We donĀ“t have diskspace to restore the complete set. My plan is to restore not the set but the tape it self. Is there some way to restore all the content of a Tape instead of a set? If not, does anybody have a good idea how I can solve my problem, to restore around 87 tapes to a 3TB disk. The transfer it all to new LTO6 media? The current version is Retrospect 7 Multi server, but we will upgrade to the latest version in the process.
  2. Hello I have a problem with Retrospect, it constantly forgets the name of some tapes. As the tape in slot # 4 (in attachment), this is named 85-done_bandarkiv, which is visible as soon as it is moved into the drive. Although the tape in the drive is forgotten as soon as it ends up back in the library. The problem starts when you have two tapes that are forgotten and will restore files and the right tape is missing from the library. Then it becomes an infinite loop, where it reads a (unknowm) tape, moving it back to library and forget the name of the tape ..... therefore takes the next tape and then the same tape again ...... How can we solve this? We also have several older tapes that have damaged barcodes, is it possible to replace them with new barcodes? Is it what the tape is named or barcode that determines which tape is which in the backup set? With the above problem, it feels like that's what the tape called that determines this? Right or wrong?
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