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  1. So let me paint the picture for you so everyone understands where I am at.  I came in this morning to find that the backup sets that I have been working on over the past week started to fail over night, giving me and error code -643 (not a chunk file or badly damage).  After talking with Retrospect some we found that the RtrSec.dir was corrupted and needed to be recreated.  I deleted this folder and this did seem to repair the error.


    Though this fixed my error with the backup sets, I am now running the backups and they are doing a full new backup rather than just an incremental backup.  I have checked the settings for each backup set and everything checks out, however I do not see why this would happen.  These backup sets are rather large and running new backups would take about another week at best.


    Right now I have rebuilt the catalog file and am testing one of the backup sets.  Has anyone ever had this happen before?  Does anyone have any suggestions?





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  2. I have been working on new backup sets on a new backup environment and am having major issues, I am hoping someone in the community can help me.

    My environment:

    Retrospect is installed on a virtual 2012 R2 server with 230 GB of free space on the C drive. It is backing up the virtual server, a File server with about 4.5 TB of data, one AD/DNS server, and one Mac client device. I have split each device into its own backup set and also have split up the file server into multiple sets to reduce the set size. This is all being backed up to a large 12 TB NAS.

    When backing up the system we have continuously gotten errors when backing up all sets. The common issue is Retrospect continues to lose the media and requests the media, this then stops the execution and nothing starts up again once I have given it new media. It was recommended that I rebuilding the catalog files which I did on all but one drive because it is the largest drive and would take days.

    After rebuilding the catalogs I continue to have errors where it freezes on building the snapshot. everything on the system runs fine, however the snapshot seems to freeze on the system. I have other backups running now to make sure that the issue happens on all of the backups, however I have found this issue on a multiple backups.

    I tested running the backups without building the snapshot and I do not have any issues, everything runs and everything is happy. Then I tried running the backup with building the snapshot and the backup froze again.


    Has anyone had this issue before?  I am really lost on this issue and could use some help.


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