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  1. Hi Lennart, thanks for the reply. I had already tried that actually. But I found the solution. I found that the original backup was made with Windows, not Mac. This is something the user wasn't able to tell me. It restored successfully using Retrospect installed on Windows. I wish the documentation would have helped for this. There should be some mention of this under that error message. I suppose now this forum thread might serve that purpose for others I hope.
  2. Hi, I have need to restore a backup from Retrospect that is presumably pretty old but I don't know which version it was created with. When I try restoring with Retrospect 6, I receive an error like the .rbc file is not a valid catalog or is heavily damaged. Is there a way to determine the version needed for restore? I have searched a lot on this forum and Google with no luck. Thanks for any help!!
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