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  1. David, I must clarify that I'm in Europe and I believe that we have a separate support centre to you in US. The gentleman I spoke to was a European multilingual and I felt that English wasn't his first language. He was extremely helpful, but our conversation was quite difficult and combined with my lack of knowledge it's very possible that I've misinterpreted what he was telling me, hence my question here. The subject of the "media set copy" script was also peripheral to our main conversation which concerned catalogue rebuilding. He seemed a little unsure of himself and was keen to escalate the issue to an engineer. That's not a criticism, but what I would consider normal practise for a European software support call centre and I assumed from this that he wasn't a senior support engineer. That was just my impression, I may be incorrect. A learning experience for me not to post unreliable information on the forum and I apologise if it's has caused you stress and wasted time. I hope from your tests that you've allayed your anxiety. I'm working through the documentation and anything else I can find before performing any operations and will test throughly, as you have, before going ahead. Apologies again and thank you for your help with this.
  2. Thank you for your reply David, that all makes sense. My concerns about the "Copy Media set" script came from a call to Retrospect support. He told me all snapshot information was lost when one of these was executed. I must have misinformed him or misunderstood. Thanks, Andrew
  3. I have a set of 5 'working day' disk media set backups, Mon, Tues, etc.. Each media set has a single member i.e. one physical disk per day backup. The media being backed up is a single Thunderbolt volume. All 5 media sets are uncompressed and unencrypted. As they are off-site portable backups I would like to convert them to compressed and encrypted. My understanding is this can't be applied directly retrospectively. My plan is to: Clone each disk to a similar sized new disk using Carbon Copy Cloner Erase the original member disk and create a new media set on it with a slightly different name and compression and encryption enabled. Use a "Copy Media Set" script to copy the cloned set back to the original member disk applying compression and encryption. I plan to use the two step "clone and copy back" rather than just a single step copy script because I want to keep the oldest disk as the first member of the set. My questions are: Is it OK to drag-copy or clone Retrospect data files between disks or do all copy operations have to be done using the Retrospect engine as part of a managed database/filesystem? When a "Copy Media Set" script is used is the ability to restore from a snapshot point in time preserved? Is any functionality of the media set lost? Will software compression and encryption be applied using this method. Thank you in advance for any assistance with this, as you can probably tell I am a relatively inexperienced user. Regards, Andrew Retrospect 15.0.0 LaCie Rugged Raid 4&5TB Thunderbolt connected disks
  4. Apologies for reviving an old thread but this may help someone. I was having this issue with Retrospect 12 and a local internal Exchange server: "Invalid response from SMTP server (-592)" The solution was to tick the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" box even though the Exchange server doesn't in our case but leave the username and password fields blank. This forces Retrospect to use port 587. Thanks to Robin Mayoff for this tip here
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