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    Accessing Backup

    I found a solution pretty much: - Make the Retrospec Backup Engine not to start automatically on boot; - Reboot the computer; - Open Disk Utility, Scan and Repair everything on the volume where the Catalogs are stored; - Start the Retrospect Backup Engine; - Start Retrospect, and then it works! It can probably be done faster or easier, but at least this worked for me. (Two times already, since apparently something is corrupted in de Catalog-file... )
  2. YaRU

    Accessing Backup

    Yes, I would like to contribute. Same problem here. I am using: Retrospect 10.5.0 (145) Mac OS X Server 10.6.8 OS X Logs don't report anything. And so far I don't see malfunctioning hardware... Anybody?