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  1. Retrospect is very cpu-dependent, you may find that a new i7 mac mini can backup faster than your Xserve, especially if you require a lot of file compression.
  2. I would try to disable/uninstall Norton and see if that works. For search, try the search window on top of the retrospect page once your in the forum.
  3. I recommend having all users reboot computers at end of shift. It seems Retrospect can be sensitive to whatever software was running on workstations during the day and rebooting clients versus logging out seemed to really help this type of issue for us.
  4. Have you solved this yet? I believe we have a similar backup configuration on our network. When your created a media set, did you select 'Tape' or 'File' as your Media Set Type? I think you want want to select 'File' for the configuration you're using.
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