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  1. This is a repeat of a request I made last year.  We need Retrospect to alert us when a client has not completed a backup in a certain number of days. 


    95% of our clients are mobile, so backups typically fail as they move on and off of the network throughout the day.  Ergo, using the existing option to "send e-mail for failure and media requests" isn't particularly helpful, since failures are relatively normal.    


    The client software produces a popup after no backups have completed for 7 days or more, i believe.  Unfortunately, we can't rely on users to tell us about this.  We really need the server to report that information to us.



  2. Setup:


    Retrospect single server v10.0.1.103 w/unlimited clients

    Retrospect client for Mac

    Windows Server 2012 R2

    Disk backup sets (iSCSI drives)






    This issue has us going without backups.  We are backing up mobile clients to disk backup sets, which are made up of iSCSI volumes on a NAS.


    Being that our clients are mobile (laptops), they routinely disconnect as people move from room to room temporarily throughout the day.  When Retrospect is no longer able to contact a client, it does not stop execution and move onto the next client (as it did in v9).  The execution just hangs as if it is backing up, but nothing happens.  The "Performance" and "Remaining" counters in the Activity Monitor remain static.  


    I cannot cancel the execution manually.  I cannot close the program gracefully.  I have to kill the application from task manager each time this happens.  


    I would appreciate any assistance on this issue; our backups are not running due to this problem.

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  3. Hello Dantz,


    We run Retrospect Single Server w/Unlimited Clients in our office.  All of our backup clients are mobile, so with people moving around and disconnecting frequently, there are several incompleted backups throughout the day.  We had to turn email alerting off, because we received alerts for each incomplete backup.


    I think that alerts about clients that have not been backed up in X days would be very helpful.



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