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  1. Scenario. I am adding a Client Server to be backed up, it has multiple NICs. I enter in the Source IP of the Client Server, Retrospect finds it BUT, the Source IP Address shows I click add and Retrospect still adds it. I attempt to browser the volumes on Client Server and I receive an error -519. I attempt to Locate the already added Source, and it gives an error -519. Backing up script, error -519. In Retrospect Server> Preferences> Network, I have added the Interface Is there an option in Retrospect Client to specify the NIC/Interface it uses to backup through? Backup Server 2xNICS (4x1GbE) Retrospect Server Xserve 2008 2.8 QC 6GB Memory Mavericks 10.9.5 I have a dedicated switch for backing up one server to the other. Client 3xNICS (6X1GbE) Retrospect Client 12.0.0 Xserve 2008 2.8 QC 6GB Memory Snow Leopard 10.6.8
  2. I have roughly 3 Terabytes I need to backup daily, I understand the instant scan can improve performance, but it usually averages out to the low 900MB/minute. Is there a way to improve Retrospects performance or is this as good as it gets? Current Config Backup Server Retrospect Server 12.0.0 Xserve 2008 2.8 QC 6GB Memory Mavericks 10.9.5 ATTO UltraSCSI Express UL5D (320 MB/s) SCSI Array Promise vTrak M310P RAID 50 (12xWD20EFRX RED) 1MB Stripe 4KB Sector Client Server Retrospect Client 12.0.0 Xserve 2008 2.8 QC 6GB Memory Snow Leopard 10.6.8 ATTO Xtend SAN iSCSI Initiatior w/Marvell Yukon 88E8061 GbE Card iSCSI Connected on Dedicated HP Procurve Switch 1800 Jumbo Frames iSCSI Array Promise vTrakM610i RAID 10 (12xWD10EACS GREEN) 64KB Stripe 512 Sector Performance Test 1 AJA System Test 10.5.2 Sweep File Sizes Test Backup Server to SCSI Share W:171.9MB/s R:216.7MB/s Client Server to iSCSI Share W:77.6MB/s R:79.8MB/s Backup Server to Client Server over AFP W:58.2MB/s R:60MB/s Performance Test 2 Retrospect Server 12.0.0 45 GB Mixed Media Share Block Level No Compression Media Verification Only Source:Client Server Using Retrospect Client: 1,616.6 MB/minute (26.94 MB/s) Retrospect using AFP Share: 2,238.6 MB/minute (37.31 MB/s) Retrospect using iSCSI Share: 2469.9 MB/minute (41.165 MB/s) The iSCSI Share ignored ownership permissions, i would assume the AFP Share Ignores them as well.
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