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  1. But for backup, matching 3M files in one computer was indeed fast even if single core, less than a minute.
  2. This is a problem also on Desktop for Mac: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/151736-retrospect-is-cpu-bound/ Matching takes forever limited to one hardware thread at 100% with no disk activity when there's still 4X more CPU power available. 17 million fles.
  3. I can see for many years now in the system monitor that it is limited to 1 hardware thread per activity. I spend a lot of the time bottlenecked by this, so it is worth optimising (at least in matching, where I was seeing it now). I basically have no use for multiple concurrent activities.
  4. I just upgraded to v12 for the speed improvements. I started a grooming (matching) and I see the process is at 100% (1 hardware thread), when I have 8 in my MBP and nothing else is running. This bottleneck has existed for as long as I can remember (I use Retrospect since the Cube). It is time to make such tasks multicore, at least 4 hardware threads for Desktop. BTW, I bought Desktop originally instead of Express because it supported tape, and I think it does not now (considering going back to LTO), and I only need to backup 1 or 2 computers. Thanks
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