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  1. We are running Retrospect 11.5.3 on Mac OSX 8.x Everything has always worked fine and I have automatic backups set for two disks, a data disk and a boot disk. The boot disk ran fine until the end of February, then it stopped working. Now, it will not back up at all. I have created new scripts, tried every kind of manual backup, created new media sets to start from scratch--nothing works. The data disk still backs up fine, as usual, on a scheduled script. The boot disk backup just stops right after it is started. There are no error messages. The past backup window states that it was "stopped," no further log entrees. The computer is fine, no problems at all with it. Very clean and fast running.I have excluded Retrospect and its client from Norton Firewall in case there was interference, but to no avail. 1. How do I find out what is wrong? 2. How do I get the disk to back up? And a third unrelated question, why don't you add a search function to the forum? There may be an answer in here somewhere, but there is no way to find it. I hope you can help. Thanks. - Michael
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