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  1. Hi all, thanks for your replies. I upgraded rather than re-installed retrospect v10 software on both my retrospect backup server and network clients. I did raise a support ticket and the official response was: "Looking at how much data you are backing up we would not expect much if at all of a performance increase for your environment. The speed and amount of time it is taking to do the snapshots looks good." In my case I provided two data backup sets of 15.3 and 15.9 Gb. These were full backups, not incremental and the second one using a network based client. It's interesting that the analyst says they would not expect to see much of an improvement on such a low backup volume - even when the marking hype says their tests were on 24gb data sets! I also asked for the technical detail of the configuration used by retrospect to determine the 50% time improvement claimed in their literature, but they did not provide any answers in the support ticket. Overall, I guess this improvement must be on incremental backups somehow, but who knows if Retrospect won't actually say how they calculated the 50% time savings in the first place.
  2. I upgraded to v10 of windows desktop based on a marketing e-mail claiming 100% performance improvement. Well I have seen no improvement. On v9.5 15.9Gb took 13:59 and on v10 15.3Gb took 13:21 (see attachment for log detail). This was on the same desktop using the same source files and backup disk set (i.e. no difference in hardware at all, just upgraded to v10.0.0.213). What are other forum members experiences of v10 so far? Retrospect v10 performance.txt
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