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  1. That's very strange, their WADK page lists Windows Vista (as you said, they're probably only counting the ACT). Still, I appreciate you finding that, thanks! I'm intending to update this machine in the near future to Win7 or better, looks like I've got another good reason to do it a little more quickly. Thanks again.
  2. Nothing out of the ordinary installed, it just doesn't seem to like this machine for some reason. There's very little beyond Retrospect and BOINC installed on this machine, it's only purpose is for backing up.
  3. I'm still only seeing the ACT option, there are no others listed. However, when I try installing it on *this* machine (my personal machine, the other machine is the "Backup" machine have Retrospect installed on), I can see the full list, including the WPE option. What could be preventing them from showing on the Backup machine?? The Backup machine runs on Vista, my personal machine runs Win7. Is there some issue in that which might be causing the problem? Very strange.
  4. Can you provide the URL where you downloaded 8.1 from? I got it from Microsoft Download Center. I've tried installing it directly, and also downloading it and them installing it. Neither method produces a "Windows Preinstallation Environment" folder, and neither produces the copype.cmd file. There's also no option on either of the installation methods to select the Windows Preinstallation Environment. The only option is the Application Compatibility Toolkit, and without selecting it, nothing can be installed. It shows as being 34MB in size. There appears to be something different or wrong with the ADK as currently supplied, which means the Disaster Recovery feature cannot be used.
  5. There's no "Windows Preinstallation Environment" Folder there. There's also no copype.cmd file anywhere on the drive, so Microsoft's clearly changed the WADK. Any idea when Retrospect will be updated to match?
  6. I'm unable to get past downloading the WADK step and selecting the copype.cmd file, basically because it never downloads such a file. I can either install or download the WADK from Microsoft, but NEITHER version comes with this copype.cmd file. Where do I get that file?
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