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  1. Hello, I have just found out there's no need to find a way to turn ON the client, as - unless otherwise chosen on the server prefs - users cannot turn OFF the client. Many thanks Carlo
  2. Hello, me too I would be very much interested in knowing how to "turn on" Retrospect Client (PreferencePane) after deployment. TIA Carlo
  3. Many thanks to all for your replies. regarding the "missing media issue" with backup server 6.1 ("proactive"), I am already experiencing with one Mac server and 10.5... :-) I am actually more worried about correctly handled modification dates/sizes and the like. Greetings Carlo
  4. Hello, I could try 6.1 with SL 10.6.5 and it runs... cheers Carlo
  5. Hello, this has probably been discussed already but could not find a final word about it. Despite version 6.1 in defenatly NOT supported on Snow Leopard, I was wondering if backing up regular files and not system files can still be done with v. 6.1. I would need to copy users file from from one OSX server (xraid) to a Thecus NAS with iSCSI and another server runs a v. 6.1 "backup server" for laptops but only users data (homes) is being backed up (sort of "proative"). I have already tried v. 8.2 and thinking about the upgrade but I have so many scripts I should recreate. Many thanks for your attention Carlo
  6. Hello, at this point it would nice if someone from tech support kindly told us something about this matter... Cheers Carlo
  7. Hello, I have just downloaded the 30 day demo and I came here to ask the same question don69 posted. I think he - like me - is trying to reproduce the same behavior found in Retrospect 6.1 with the "Duplicate" option. In 6.1 there was an option to "replace the entire disk" which used to delete all files and folders on the destination which do not match those marked for duplication, leaving files untouched if they are identical to files marked. It then duplicates remaining files and folders from the source, preserving the folder hierarchy. Despite its fearful name, this option used to create clones without the need of copying files already present on the destination and thus saving much time. Files deleted from the source would be deleted from the destination as well. Unfortunately it seems that none of the options in version 8.2 can provide the same result. The "overwrite entire volume" in Retrospect 8.2 does indeed delete the destination before starting the copy. Is there an option among those available which perform a duplicate like version 6.1 used to do? I tried a few test and I could not find a way. This would be a major issue to me, as I would just need that. Many thanks for your attention, Cheers! Carlo
  8. Hello, I have already asked this within a previous post of mine. I have bought the 4TB LaCie Ethernet Disk NAS and I would use it to backup a Promise raid disk from an OSX 10.5 server. My initial tests are not very satisfying: with a gigabit LAN I can reach 600-700 Mb/min while performing a backup to a Retrospect set (file) but after a while speed decreases to 250 MB/min and even slower if I work with a duplicate backup with a sparse image (results as shown by Retrospect window transfer rate). I don't think it's a network issue because if I connect a laptop (Powerbook G4) to the same port and share a folder to perform the same backup to, I can easily reach 1400 Mb/min. I was wondering if this the ordinary speed for this NAS. Does anyone owns this model? Many thanks for your kind attention, Carlo
  9. Hello, I am coming back to this post after I have bought the 4TB LaCie NAS. I have yet to double check my network (switches and the like), because there are two vLANs involved. My initial tests are not very satisfying: with a gigabit LAN I can reach 600-700 Mb/min while performing a backup to a Retrospect set (file) and even slower if I work with a duplicate backup with a sparse image (as shown by Retrospect window transfer rate). I was wondering if this the ordinary speed for this NAS. Does anyone owns this model? Many thanks for your kind attention, Carlo
  10. Hello and thank you again for your patience and accurate explanation. Yes I forgot to add some relevant information, the OS is 10.4.11. The error might be related to something rather silly, sorry: I have just noticed I have almost reached the size of the HDD where the file set is save onto. I have a 1TB external drive for that backup, there's some room still free but probably it's already considered "full". Thank you again for your help, very much appreciated! Ciao Carlo
  11. Hello and thank you for you reply. It's a file backup set saved onto a HFS+ disk and - as your note from the manual states - it looks like the 1 TB it's the limit. My problem is I have around 20 OSX laptops I have to backup data from and - since they keep being connected and leaving the office - I thought it was a good idea keeping the interval between backup sessions rather short. I think I should give more time so that I don't have too many sessions because the Entourage Database file is different each session and the file set becomes very large. Unfortunately I don't have a removable device and I have to stay with my HDD for now. If you have a better idea, I would be more than happy to know it! Thank you again, Carlo
  12. Hello, I am running Retrospect with OSX server 10.4.11. Today for the first time I got an error message saying that: "Volume "path to client backup folder here" completed with error -34: volume full." This is related to a Backup server (for laptops) whose fileset reached almost 1 TB (yes, terabyte) in size and I was wondering if there's a limit in Retrospect. The fact it stopped right there made me think that's the largest the set can become. The HHD where the file set resides is not full. Many thanks for your kind attention, Carlo
  13. Many thanks to all for the hints & tricks, I think I'll stay with the cheaper LaCie NAS for now, Iomega's looks even more appealing but my budget is very tight. Thnak you again! Carlo
  14. Hello, I would like to buy a NAS device (such as the LaCie Ethernet Disk or better suggestion within the same price range) to be used as backup storage. The backup script would be either "duplicates" or regular backups of an existing fiber channel RAID attached to the xServe OSX 10.5.6 running Retrospect 6.1. I was wondering if there would be any issue related to copying the files over the network and related to the protocol the NAS has to be mounted with (SMB/AFP if available), especially if a "duplicate" backup is being performed (filenames, permissions, ACLs). Thank you very much for your help! Carlo
  15. Many thanks for your reassuring answer. In my experience, restoring an Entourage database lead to having to rebuild it with the Entourage utility; after that all the messages could be found easily. That was the main reason for not being very confident at first. Thanks again! Carlo
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