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  1. Have you guys ever thought about using a conventional server-client model? The model that you guys use is backwards. By starting a service (client) on a port the product opens up a vector of attack. It also requires the server to know where all the clients are, which can change IPs at anytime when you have a DHCP environment. A traditional client uses ephemeral ports on the client to communicate to standard port on the server. The least your team could do would be to make sure the "client" relays information about its current IP address to the server. This is not hard to do with broadcast or multicast on a network. It is when you get on different networks that this becomes troublesome. Also, can you guys build some *nix CLI tools that we can use that would help us find clients, monitor server/client metrics. That would really help me.
  2. I am running OS X 10.6 and I installed the 11.5.2 client on it. It is taking up 1.26GB of memory. That seems rather unreasonable.
  3. I am getting the error "Scanning Incomplete -516 Illegal Request". Any suggestions. I tried some of the suggestions in the link below and about nuked a critical file installation file. http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/150083-trouble-reading-files-error-516-illegal-request/ How do you fix this issue? It just creeped up this last week. Nothing has changed on the client machine. So I don't know???
  4. Reinstalled client and now it works. Strange behavior for a server restart. My trust is waning...................
  5. I am getting random disconnects from the Retrospect client on my Retrospect 10 server. When I first connect my media sets are locked. About a minute or two after I unlock them I get the little tilde next to my retrospect client icon . It says connecting <address>... After the first time it reconnects my media sets are "Busy", if I try to verify the media sets, I get the message "An error occurred". I did make a mistake at one point and uninstalled my Retrospect client on my server. I reinstalled it and it appeared to have fixed the issue. But today I moved my server and restarted it and the problem reappeared. In the Retrospect -> Preferences -> Network area I have three addresses. I can remove them but when I relaunch the server service the addresses are back. Hopefully someone has a solution. Thanks.
  6. The problem is that one client computer gets files from the /Users/*/Library/ directory but another client computer does not receive the /Users/*/Library/ directory. I am not sure what the issue is. I cannot seem to consistently backup data on client machines. Which renders the software useless.
  7. They are being included, yet it is including all the other Library items as well. I would love to use a wildcard to represent the user path. For now I am going to exclude a majority of the library directories.
  8. I would like to only copy a few folders on all machines on our network. We are using a variety of OS X versions. Basically I want to copy each user's Desktop and Documents folder along with their /Users/<username>/Library/Mail/ Directory. I am also excluding a variety of folders and files. Here are my inclusions and exclusions. I can successfully copy the Desktop and Documents folder but the /Users/Mail/<username>/Library/Mail/ directory does not copy. I have tried to put a wildcard to represent the user but that does not seem to work. Below is a list of my inclusions and exclusions. Inclusions Any Folder Mac Path contains /Users/ Folder is Windows Folder Documents and Settings Folder Windows Path contains \Users\ Folder Unix Path contains /usr/ Exclusions Any Folder Mac Path contains Applications Folder Mac Path contains Quarantine Folder Mac Path contains System Folder Mac Path contains diradmin Folder Mac Path contains aetechstudent Folder Mac Path contains Movies Folder Mac Path contains Music Folder Mac Path contains Pictures Folder Mac Path contains .Trashes Folder Mac Path contains .Trash Folder Mac Path contains Calendars Folder Mac Path contains Dropbox File Name contains .caf
  9. The hang up resolved itself, somehow a few hours later. Not sure why, but it seems to work now. I configured the firewall for the following services: ssh, screen sharing, and Retrospect. It seems to work great now. Beware of IceFloor, It seems to mess up network connectivity after you uninstall it. Maybe other people have had success with it but I have had none.
  10. I rebuilt the Retrsospect 11.5.2 server from scratch with Yosemite (OS X 10.10.1) . I configured access using the OS X server utility. Now when I click the Add button and Sources page loads but after about 5 seconds I get the pinwheel of death. No errors. The Retrospect Server Application just freezes. I checked the Activity monitor and the CPU is pegged at 100% for the Retrospect application and it claims that Retrospect is Not Responding. Any suggestions?
  11. I uninstalled IceFloor and now I cannot see any of the sources even if I turn off the AFW and disable the pf firewall. I am going to rebuild the server and never use IceFloor again. I am not sure what happened but it is all screwed up. I will use the firewall that is included with OS X Server, which is still pf but it should be easier to configure. At least that is what I am hoping for. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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