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  1. So I'm still in the process of converting from Retrospect 6 to 11 (Mac). I"m a bit confused about how to apply saved rules to exclude items from backups. If I have an "include" rule (rule1) that selects a group of files, and I then include this as a "saved rule" in the "exclude" section of another rule (rule2), do those files get excluded from my backup? (Rule1 includes a bunch of files, and rule2 excludes all the files included from rule1.) Conversely, if I exclude rule1 in the "exclude" section of rule2, then the files included in rule1 get backed up? (Because they are excluded from the "exclude" clause of rule2?) What happens if rule1 is an exclude rule?
  2. I'm in the process of converting from Retrospect 6 to 11. In 6, I used selectors marking specific volumes (by name) to not be backed up. Typically these are disks that are backup disks themselves (usually carbon copy cloner drives on the client computer or Time Capsule volumes). I'm trying to determine if, rather than specifying the volumes by name using rules for each disk, I can use a single rule after tagging the disks. Tagging the disks is easy, but I haven't found an exclude rule for tags. Am I missing something? Is there a better way of excluding volumes?
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