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  1. Dave, The whole business is confusing, made even more so because I can only report what happened, not why it happened. First, I tried to restore my original OS X boot volume partition ("Cube 1") which only contains my OS X System folder and a few applications--one or two. I used the "snapshot" to attempt a restore. It did not work; the "restore entire disk" failed when reaching an info.plist file. After several manual system reinstallations and updates using the "software update," I tried a full restore--a "snapshot"--to find the same ailment: the drive stalls on info.plist. Second, I gave up cpmpletely on ever reaching a restore. Instead, I reinstalled the OS X system software manually again. When I then tried to use Retrospect 5 to make a backup of this new "virgin" system OS, it hung up after it just began copying. I rebooted, tried to backup again, only to find the catalog is out of sync. When I tried to update the catalog file, after it finished, the script used for backing up reported that the catalog file was not available. As a result, I attempted a complete recatalog of two VXA tapes; I never got that far, however. After the first tape, which Retrospect 5 took 12 hours to recatalog, I received "header' errors and so no recatalog. I really don't believe there's a firewire bridge issue; Dantz tech support told me I didn't have the latest firmware until I called Ecrix to confirm that I, indeed, had not only the latest firmware, but the only firmware update since November of last year! That's as clear, in my limited understanding, I can make the whole issue. No, perhaps this is the clearest: I'm done with it. I've used Retrospect since version 3 with no problems in terminology or usage; I recommended it to others. Obviously, those days are over. If God blitzes my data, I am no worse off than if I backed it up with Retrospect 5. -- Gary
  2. No, Dave, the backup was complete; it's just the restore that never was completed. Since Retrospect 5 under OS X must reside on the drive that the user is restoring--something unnecssary (impossible?) in OS 9--if the drive hangs up or the restore is incomplete, a user must reinstall all the system software again to the state it was at the time of backup, not an easy nor timely task. (See "How do I fully restore my OS X computer with Retrospect backup" in the Support and Hardware section). After a half-dozen tries, I gave up. Now, in addition, I find I cannot backup under OS X, for some inexplicable reason, even with a virgin OS X system and nothing else residing on the drive. The backup hangs on one "info.plist" file, as noted previously. If anyone knows of a firmware upgrade for the Ecrix VXA-1 firewire, let me know; a rep from Dantz told me that one was available but it's not on their web page and, after 40 minutes on hold with Ecrix only to leave a voice message, I still don't know. I'm now in the process a very long recatalog in OS 9 after my rueful awakening with Retrospect 5 in OS X. -- Gary
  3. Today, a Dantz representative directed me to Ecrix's website for a firmware update; he described the update being bundled with VXA tool. Unfortunately, neither turned out to be accurate. I have the latest firmware, which dates back to November of last year, and the VXA tool has no bundled firmware accompanying it. I checked the Exabyte site to find the same information. VersionTracker lists similar results. I'm recataloging under 9.2.2 so that I can get back my old documents. Under X, the catalog became corrupted using Retrospect 5. Am I having fun yet? --Gary
  4. I can recatalog only under 9 in Retrospect 5. Using 10, I hanve hang-ups. -- Gary
  5. Correction: I now have the identical problem using the Ecrix VX-1 firewire and my Cube. I cannot backup now without having a hang up. Retrospect 5 is unusable. --Gary
  6. Dave, I wouldn't know which "info.plist" file is hanging up the restore, only that this is th ename of the file, since it appears in the script window when it's running. When the drive "hangs up," I have complete control of my Mac, including pausing and stopping the Retrospect script. I never receive a log error either. I have a buddy experiencing the same problem with his VXA tape slot-loader; he has hang ups on info.plist during restore. I gave up and am reinstalling all my apps; I have a preliminary system running until I have more time to do further installs. I'm planning on restoring my documents as "folder and files" tomorrow. This is most disappointing, to say the least. I have a job this week that I have to perform in OS X and I'm worried (with good cause) that I do not have a reliable backup. -- Gary
  7. I give up. The weekend's over and I cannot make a bootable OS X disk from my restore. I 'm now, for the seventh time, reinstalling System OS X and all the apps from scratch. All the customizations will be gone, of course, but I don't see I have any option. This problem is NOT my fault. --Gary
  8. For some reason, the name of the file did not appear in my post so I'll skip the quotations; it is info.plist. No matter what I do--booting under X included--Retrospect stops restoring at info.plast. I followed the knowledgbase entry on doing a full restore under OS X to the letter: reinstalling the System, reinstalling Retrospect, doing the full restore, etc. The restore always hangs up at info.plast. Three days now to get my data back. --Gary
  9. Jim, I tried to give you the short version of what I did, but obviously, that was incomplete. Sorry. Let me give you the full story. I originally had my Cube partioned into three, under OS 9.2. When I installed X, I installed it in one of the partitions that was unused. It worked fine. Over time, and learning OS X, I found that partition became so full from files being dropped into the library folder from software installers that I had to do a repartitioning--this time into 2--which I labeled OS X partition and 9.2 partition. However, I found I could not restore the OS X partition using Retrospect 5 via OS 9 because, even though all the files were restored, the OS X parition would not boot. I couldn't use another emergency disk because I'm using a VXA-1 tape drive and, under OS 9, I need an extention in the system folder, which I cannot do because of the locked CD. I tried installing the OS X system onto the 9.2 partition, which worked, but when I used Retrospect 5.0, the drive kept hanging up on the file. I've tried a few other things since then, but before I try anything else I'll review the link. I still don't see how I'm going to do any system restore since I cannot have a bootable drive outside of the Cube's internal drive. -- Gary
  10. Jim, The first link you gave me concerns Yamaha CD-RW drives, so I skipped to the second you provided. Following thate discussion, though, I don't understand how doing a "full restore" after installing OS X in its updatable state will give me anything other than what I had: my VXA firewire drive locks on one file (cited above in the first post) while doing a full restore using Retrospect 5. (I tried the same under 9 and had no problem: only the drive would not reboot on restart.) I am trying to install my previous OS X system from another partition, one running OS X and Retrospect 5. Should I still use "full restore"? Won't that wipe the destination disk clean? Won't I have the same hangup on the file? Thanks, Jim, for your patience and wisdom. -- Gary
  11. Jim, Thanks for your post and for the informative threads. HEY IRENE? DO YOU HEAR ME? I'm trying to avoid a $69.99 + tax tech support question here, but I cannot restore my crashed disk from Retrospect 5.0 so that it's bootable. In fact, I cannot restore at all under X because Retro 5 locks at . Another night of no sleep! I want my $200 back. --Gary
  12. I sympathize. I have almost the same configuration, including the Cube and VXA-1. I also had the hanging rewrite problem with Retrospect 5.0 but, oddly, it was the tape that turned out to be the culprit. I would have never guessed since 4.3 worked fine with the same tape. I'm on my third one--Ecrix replaced the tape--and I've been fine since then. This is my third VXA=1 firewire drive, the other two replaced, under warranty, within one month. It does not give me much satisfaction to know my data are contained in such a fragile device. -- Gary
  13. For a series of reasons, I had to restore my internal hard drive on my Cube: basically, my OS X system folder. Although the restore was complete, I could never get the restored OS X drive to boot--I simply had the smiling Mac and the kalidescope bouncing ball for an hour. I had to reinstall everything (and am still reinstalling!) What went wrong? -- Gary
  14. Irena, Thanks Irena, but that was not the problem--4.3 was installed on all client machines--but I did discover what the source of the difficulty was and I'm surprised I didn't find it to be a common problem in the KnowledgeBAse. I use AirPort in the network--something I didn't mention in my previous post because I thought it was irrelevant--and it seems you must have AirPort distribute a range of IP addresses for Retrospect to recognize the clients over TCP/IP. A call to Apple, based on my hunch, gave me something to explore. I worked weeks on this problem. -- Gary
  15. I have become completely frustrated in trying to convert four Retrospect Macintosh clients (4.3) from Appletalk to TCP/IP, trying to get ready for dumping Appletalk with Retrospect 5, since it will no longer be supported. My iMac, for example, operates over AirPort; I dumped the Retrospect client and reinstalled the client for TCP/IP. When the iMac reboots, I see the control panel now reads TCP/IP and "Ready for First Activation" in the pane. The desktop Retrospect application resides on a Cube. When I select Configure>Clients>Network, "Hafer's iMAC" appears greyed out in the main pane when "TCP/IP" and "MacOS" appear in the other panes. However, the "Hafer's iMAC" also registers as "Not Logged In." When I try to log it in by clicking the "Log In…" button, I receive a dialog box telling me that the "Client is not Visible on Network." If I try to add by address (the address taken in the file sharing control panel), I receive the same message. This same process was replicated on my iBook with the same negative results. If I had any hair left, I would pull it out! -- Gary
  16. I leave mine also, with the tape intact. The ONE time I turned it off, just for one night, I returned the next day to find the tape was completely erased (see other post). I'm not going to repeat anything remotely connected with that night. -- Gary
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