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  1. Sort of. Following Repair it started re-backing up everything. If I didn't catch it in time it would have filled my backup drive. I cancelled it and am running a rebuild (this will take about 8 hours I believe). Hopefully this evening I can backup normally and it will be done in time to take the drive off-site on Monday. I am also doing away with the "Retrospect Defined" grooming and only saving 1 backup of each set since this is an offsite backup in case of catastrophic server room damage (incrementals are cloned on-site). Thanks for your help Lennart.
  2. I rebuilt the backup set and it worked. I needed to rebuild the next backup set as well (I have five on this disk) for it to work too. I am trying to do just a "Repair" to save time (still unclear when I should choose one or the other, even after reading the documentation) on the third to see what happens. What kinds of things could cause this? Is there any sort of hidden log that's more detailed than what's in the app's UI? It would be a big help if we knew what could cause this so we can prevent it in the future. As backup software is, by its nature, mission critical, it'd be great if, once it was set up, I could be certain it would run without me constantly babysitting it. Sorry to go off on a rant, but I've been using this software in one capacity or another for about 10 years and am amazed at how much it does and how robust it is, but also at how buggy and unreliable it can be, how unintuitive the UI, and how jumbled the documentation. I have looked for alternatives for those reasons but always come back to "no, I want to use THIS, I just want it to work." Rant over, I am grateful to those on these boards to offer their help, and to Retrospect's own support people to help at times when I needed it and honestly didn't expect to get any. Thanks, Jeff
  3. See attached screenshots. The media set for the running script has media with over 600GB of space. Why is it asking for New Media? How can I get it to start backing up? Thanks, Jeff
  4. So, it looks like it works if I either take out the slashes, or change unix path to mac path. What flavor of unix are the retrospect developers testing on that doesn't use slashes as delimeters?
  5. Ran a script with a rule omitting a couple of subfolders (see attached). The rule is selected for the script. Subfolders were still backed up. What am I missing? Documentation is no help as doesn't define specifically what various terms mean and options accomplish. I figured I was safe with "contains" and a unix path, though.
  6. How do I set or reset the client password? There is no advanced tab and the documentation doesn't mention it that I can find. Tried uninstalling and resinstalling. Was not prompted to set a password. Thanks.
  7. I needed to add a disk to a backup set. I did this. Now Retrspect is "Finding..." the server it's backing up. The retrospect client is running, the server is online. I cannot even stop the backup fropm happening (the stop button does NOTHING). I really don't want to reboot my server, but is there another way to get this thing to TURN OFF?? Thanks, Jeff
  8. Think I found the problem! It apparently wants to use a rule called “All Files.” The software does not indicate there is anything special about this rule, it’s listed along with all the other ones created in-house. I had deleted it a few weeks ago, thinking it was superfluous because another rule, called “everything” (which I assume my predecessor made), was there. When I recreated the All Files rule, which I left blank (nothing in the include or exclude sections) the Restore Assistant seemed to work.
  9. Hi, (This is retrospect 8 on Mac.) Ok, this is scary. We rely on these backups in case of catastrophy and nothing is restoring from them. The media sets say the files are there. All looks fine, no errors generated. But upon restore, it restores 0 bytes! No errors generated but obviously not working. Hopefully we don't have a problem before this is resolved. We could lose our entire business. When I try to do the restore, the small icon "bounces" down near the Activities icon then nothing happens. I'm in something of a panic. PLEASE can SOMEBODY respond who understands how this program thinks? Thanks, Jeff
  10. In retrospct 8, what does the green checkmark icon mean in the list of sources? It's not in the documentation. I'm trying to run a restore and it isn't restoring ... and isn't telling me WHY isn't not restoring. Glad it's not an emergancy yet. Thanks, Jeff
  11. Hi, I have a few disk media sets set up and so far running fine. When the drive fills, according to the documentation, " Retrospect asks for a new member, adds it to the Media Set and continues appending data. It automatically uses any available new or erased media. If the media has the name Retrospect is looking for, Retrospect will erase and reuse it. However, Retrospect will never automatically use a medium with the wrong name if it has data on it." What specific name will it look for? I want to be sure it does not decide to erase a drive with live data on it! Will it be the name of the original disk with a "-2" appended to it or something? If I want an additional disk to be "ready to go" in case the first disk fills up, what should I name it? Do I need to explicitely tell it for every media set I created, the second disk's name? I'm running Retrospect 8 on a Mac, backing up weekly to alternating 4TB drives, which will likely fill up in the coming month. Thanks! Jeff
  12. Hi, I am trying to copy/clone the latest "version" of every file in a collection of media sets. I figure since it's already backed up and compressed, I should be able to just grab the latest files and not have it take as long to do it. But there are two issues. One, they do not define what is meant by these terms: Copy most recent backups for each source Copy most recent backups for each selected source Copy selected backups Copy all backups Since I cannot select more than one source when running the copy backups utility, I assume "Copy most recent backups for each selected source" means "Copy most recent backups for THE ONE selected source" and "Copy most recent backups for each source" means it's going to copy the latest backup from every media set in the entire program? Also, does the "most recent backup" mean the most recent FILES from the backup, or only those files that happened to have gotten copied during the last backup (so files that were unchanged since the predeeding backups would not be there)? My brain is melting trying to unravel their documentation and take on logic. Thanks, Jeff ps- why do they sometimes "dim" and become unavailable?
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