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  1. Hi all. I was wondering what a good backup strategy for disk would be. I have purchased 3 disks. I envisage 1 bieng in use for backup, 1 being in the fire proof safe and 1 being offsite. My concern was the disc in use is the very latest copy of our data and if the building burned down at night I could only resort to last weeks copy which is offsite. Leaving my data being restored almost 1 week old. So I was wondering what the best way was for me to be able have a more up to dat backup offsite each evening? I am little lacking in the exact capabilities of Retrospect so a little help on the best course of action would be greatly appreciated. I am backing up about 600GB on a full recycle. Regards Jim
  2. Sorry I am not using Firewire 1394b (800 Mbps), I am using Firewire 1394 (400 Mbps). I think the slight confusion may have come in when I noted my data transfer rates. Basically I was getting 6 MB's per second and I was expecting at least 10-20 MB's per second. So I was interested to know what drives people may be using and what speeds they see. I am not sure if it is the drive has a poor performance or that the software is causing the slow transfer. This is all done locally and not across a network.
  3. Look at these they may help you allout: http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?eventid=12289&eventno=2714&source=VSS&phase=1
  4. Yeah the grooming feature looks good. Would this still allow me to have offsite storage though? Essentially I wish to use external drives which I can take away for offsite storage. I envisage 3 drives being in use, 1 in the fireproof safe (onsite), 1 in use (onsite), and 1 stored offsite. I did some quick tests with a Western Digital FireWire drive (250 GB). I found that the data rate to the drive was very poor. The rate I got backing-up the local machine was around 400MB/Min. I was expecting much higher numbers than this, at least 800MB/Min. When I did just a normal file copy (1GB) to the drive it copied in 50 seconds, which is great and would be ideal as a backup rate! this would allow me to copy all the data on my servers in less than 6 hours! So what Im trying to get at is what drives do people use for backup (specifically external HDD firewire) and what data rates do you see? Also what factors can affect the data rate? Thanks Jim
  5. Hi all, I am considering upgrading from 6.5 to 7.5 and I wished to know if there were any significant advantages in doing so? Are there any disc backup enhancements I could expect in an upgrade? I would also like to change our data backup strategy from a tape backup to disc backup and I wondered if there were any recommendations for such configurations? Specifically I would be interested in knowing the drive(s) you use and also the backup rate you get for the drive. Cheers Jim
  6. I shall do. Let you know what happens tomorrow when my backup is scheduled to run. If this is the problem it will be a right fluffer. It would mean spending more money to get 6.5!
  7. Hi all, Retrospect Multi server 6.0 Recently we installed a new server to replace an old Win 2000 server machine. The new machine is win 2003 server std. The basic setup of the machine is the same as the old, Raid configured with two partitions C & D. Since I have installed the new machine Retrospect is unable to Backup drive D. Here is some info from my log files. 7/27/2004 1:39:25 AM: Connected to WGSUK * Resolved container WGSUK to 2 volumes: Drive C (C:) on WGSUK Drive D (D:) on WGSUK - 7/27/2004 1:39:26 AM: Copying Drive C (C:) on WGSUK T-15: MapError: unknown Windows error -2,147,024,809 T-15: VssWEnumWriterMetadata: GatherWriterMetadata failed, winerr -2147024809, error -1001 7/27/2004 2:10:11 AM: Snapshot stored, 10.7 MB Completed: 22379 files, 2.9 GB Performance: 101.6 MB/minute Duration: 00:30:45 (00:01:50 idle/loading/preparing) Can't access volume Drive D (D:) on WGSUK, error -519 (network communication failed) Im stumped on this. I have followed the 519 docs on many occasions before but this time I get the feeling it may be something else and the 519 is just a sympton of something else. Could anyone offer suggestions or a solution to helpo me get this backup working again. Cheers Jim
  8. Hi, Thanks for the reply. There are no clients listed under 'My Network Places', if I drill into it though I can see all machines on my Network including the the two Client servers. I backup three servers. The server Retrospect runs on and two others accessed via the client. I have checked the properties of both client servers and they are the same. Now one does log it has been backed up and the other does not. Have you got any other ideas?
  9. Hi all, Retrospect Multi 6.0 for Windows. I have a client machine that is being backed up but the client file is not being updated to reflect that it has being backed up. Therefore it keeps telling me that "you have not being backed up since blah blah" when in fact it has. I have verified that the backup does work/exist. If I were to execute an "immediate backup" it logs this backup in the client file, but my scripted backup does not get logged. Any ideas?
  10. CustomerService-ML-34079-ML- moved to customer service section
  11. Win 2k Server backup device: PVT 110T DLT1 backup media: Tape Retrospect version: 6.0 Retrospect driver update version: ?
  12. I have been trying to complete a backup for the last week but I keep getting an "error -102 trouble communicating". Nothing has changed in my system and I was performing succesful backups until now. The backup gets about half way through but then Retrospect 6.0 reports an error. Can anyone help me out with this, I have not had a great time with Retrospect
  13. Thanks for the reply. I managed to solve this problem. I had originally setup a Backup source group in the Volumes manager. I added all the servers I wished to backup to this group then added this source group to a backup script. The three other servers in this group backup fine, the other one did not. I removed the problem server from the source group and added it manually via the 'sources' button in the script manager. It seems to work correctly now, the server has backed up correctly since making this change. I do not know why it does not backup when added via a source group perhaps someone with a bit more knowledge would be able to enlighten me? If anyone else has had similar difficulties then I suggest doing what I did to see if the problem is rectified.
  14. <bump> Please help someone. I have as it stands at the moment a useless bit of software which does not do what it says on the box!
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