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  1. yes - same user/password used to access via Retrospect. I can access all the files via the finder (both on my workstation mac, and also from finder in the retrospect server mac). I am also having the same error message whne trying to backup the main hdd on my workstation. However, all my raids which are connected to this mac are being backed up without issue. These problems only started happening after updating Retrospect to the current version 15.
  2. +1 seeing almost the same - can't read, error -1017 (insufficient permissions) when trying to backup a Seagate NAS to Retrospect 15.6.1 on mac 10.11.4, connected via AFP, and only certain folders/files are giving the error message. There is no option to repair the seagate directories in the software that comes with the nas.
  3. Started getting an error message on Retrospect: !Error reading snapshot record at 4361169733920u: corrupt header (record size 4TB) This was the result of a failed attempt at hitting the Repair button when the backup reported a "!Catalogue file out of sync with Media Set "...." " Any suggestions what this means and how it can be repaired or resolved? thanks Adam Retrospect 15.6.1 on Mac running OS 10.11.4 Quantum Scalar i40/80 LTO 5 tape library
  4. I'm running Retrospect 13 on a mac, and i have just spotted that one of the backup scripts has been set incorrectly to "skip to new media" in the schedule pane. So i now have a load of tapes with just a few gb's being used and terabytes of unused wasted space. Is there a way to get Retrospect to use these tapes to their full capacity without losing the data thats already on them? thanks Adam
  5. well that didnt work! we tried - I got the engineer to do all the unix stuff remotely to ensure it was done right and when i left last night it was looking promising, but this morning every backup has failed again (error -519) and every ip address has revert to the old ones - even though that we did the IP Binding! Even the two backups that had started before i left and were running ok have failed (-519).
  6. Thanks Robin.... we had already tried changing the order of the services but that did not help. i have had some instructions through from Support regarding how to bind the client to a specific ip. The engineer who has been helping me was then able to remotely log-in and do various unix code things and it looks like it is now working. I'll now for sure tomorrow morning when i come in and everything will be backed up and seeing the right ip addresses! adam
  7. I have been having some weird problems this week. I just had a 10gbE network installed just to handle the backups for my macs and raids. The new switcher has been set up with a different subnet from the main corporate network so we dont start overloading everyone elses bandwidth. I then removed and re-added the sources using the new ip addresses. It looks like its fine (i can test the address and it reveals the source) but as soon as a backup is run, it throws up -519 error and reverts back to the old iP address. I have tried updating to 11.5, then i removed the client app from the macs, deleted any retro plist files as instructed by Retrospect support, reinstall the client, created a new public key and then reinstalled it all back to the clients, then re-added the source files and updated the scripts! Again it looked ok, so i set two backups going. Thgese worked fine, but coming in this morning i find that the third backup scheduled for later on last night (yet coming from the same source as the first backup) has failed with -519 - and both machines that had been reset to be on the new faster network have reverted back to the old IP address on the slower network, and hence can no longer see the source! Any suggestions for a solution? im really starting to regret switching to Retrospect, it never seems to work properly! thanks Adam
  8. I don't have any other firewire drives connected. Its connected direct to the firewire port on the front of the mac. No daisy chain. The rear ports are connected to other devices.
  9. no - it simply is connected and it works! I have had the drive for several years, and used it on several computers. It has always worked flawlessly and never needed drivers. The only thing that has not seen the drive is Retrospect ! It is not connected via third party hardware...uses direct firewire connection to mac pro.
  10. Hi Lennart, no - the drive is named with alphanumeric characters only. yes - the drive is mounted in the client finder window. It is a drive that has been partitioned, and both partitions are mounted in the finder. adam
  11. One of the macs i back up has several external devices connected. One of these is a firewire Raid hard drive, that i need to backup, yet in Retrospect i cannot find a way to have this drive show up. All the internal drives on that source computer are visible in Retrospect and can be selected for specific scripts, yet i cannot see (or select) the Firewire drive. Any suggestions? thanks Adam
  12. thanks - sounds like a plan! I'll go and rewrite the scripts and try it. adam
  13. Is it possible to create a schedule that will start on a specific date, backup each day for week, then not run again for another week? I have tried this, several times, and it just does not seem to work correctly. I have two sets of tapes, which get rotated weekly, on a friday. I then set my backup to begin Friday so any large data backups happen over the weekend, then smaller incremental backups will happen throughout the rest of the week. The problem i am having is that when i come in on Monday, the backup has happened, but the next backup date is at least a week away...when it should be tonight! The schedules are set to repeat "weekly, every 2 weeks on every day" - It looks as if Retrospect wants each week to start on Sunday, so if i choose to start Friday, it behaves as if i am starting at the end of the week and will only run backups until the end of the week... I should be able to set when the week starts..ie. If i start on Friday, then there should be 7 backups before the schedule pauses for a week, then the next set starts up in a weeks time. Is there any way i can set this scheduling up, because it is really annoying to have to rewrite my scripts on Monday morning every week! adam
  14. Thanks Lennart, the only way around the problem was to reboot the mac! Once i did that it started to behave according to the settings i had entered in the script. Seems to be the standard cure for many of these little teething troubles i have had! regards Adam
  15. i think i'm finally starting to get a handle on how Retrospect does its thing, but there is one thing i have noticed that has me baffled. When i set up my scripts, i decided to switch off compression as its going to slow things down, and backing up over 12TB a week is not quick! Once i get some extra hardware for speeding up the connections maybe i'll swicth it on... anyway, I have 5 separate scripts running each week, and then a second set of 5 running the next week. This lets me have a weekly rotation of LTO5 tapes that i can keep off site. For reasons i dont understand, In the Activities Window one of the scripts (and it just happens to be for the largest data set) is showing compression is ON. Yet if i check the script itself, its supposed to be OFF. All the scripts were written at the same time, and i checked that they all had compression off, so why is this one script behaving incorrectly?
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