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  1. Lennart See post 5 for the bug. It also answers your last questions. I felt it was important to post a comment on this outstanding bug - verifying backups is important to us and lost members are not unusual. It also helps others to know that this is not unique to their installation. And it's not unusual to expect a company to review it's own websites forum. Even if they do not post in it directly. I am not as forgiving as "bradp015". This is a basic bug which could be fixed. Our mediasets are 10TB+, and verifification of part or all is a requirement. To rebackup is a major p.i.t.a. Ufortunately the bug renders your technique for verifying only a select few members unworkable. How/why members are lost - well it just happends, but for example a disk crashes, is erased, etc.... A bug is now reported in the bug report subforum. Rgds A
  2. when a member of a mediaset is marked as lost. Running verification on that set will stop with an error that the lost member is not found. Obviously it is not expected that the lost members are checked becausewe know they are not to be found... See also this post for a few othere whoa re seeing the same issues. http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/148086-how-to-verify-one-media-member/
  3. hi any one from retrospect care to comment - we are seeing this bug in 10.5. and it's more than a year after this bug was reported here. We have many lost members and can not perform a verify. Rgds Allan
  4. Dear Retrospect When choosing a backup solution I would ignore Retrospect just because your file store is closed. Many IT officers will make the same decision. We need to get as much of our data back - independent of the support from the vendor. Look at Retrospects recent past to see why this is a very real requirement. Regards A
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