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  1. On OS 10.3.9 we're currently running 5.1.175 with 0 licenses & 2 available. We have just bought, from Amazon, an upgrade code (KU3U....) that covers from 4.3 - 6+. We have downloaded 6.0.212 from Dantz and opened the application which accepts this upgrade code, and then requests a further code from the Dantz upgrade page. As this page requests, we have submitted the current v5 code, together with the upgrade code but we receive 'You have entered an invalid Upgrade Authentication Code.' We have sent a few emails to <upgrades@dantz.com> with no response. Can you assist?
  2. I'm running RE 5.0.238 on a Mac 450, 1.5Gb RAM under Panther. It backs up well, exactly the same us under OS10.2.8, but I have noticed a quite dramatic slowdown with some programmes after RE has completed. Does this apply to RE 5.1 as well?
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