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  1. Some interesting items to note that made the above work for me. Starting with the configuration as follows: VMWare 5.5 VSphere - SAN Configuration VM1 Windows 2008 Standard R2 X64 with Windows SQL Server Standard R2 X64 and Retrospect Client 7.7 114 SQL Server backwards compatibility 2005 X64 Retrospect 7.7 Multi Server (Separate Physical Server) Same Domain Added 3 VMDK Disks to VM1 for SQL Database, SQL Log, and SQL Instance If the VMDK disks are partitioned as GPT at 500GB each then authentication to the SQL instance from Retrospect Multi Server "Login as" fails and re-prompts using Domain Admin or SA Account however, If the VMDK disks are partiioned as MBR at 500GB each then authentication to the SQL instance from Retrospect Multi Server "Login as" succeeds using Domain Admin or SA Account. Comments?
  2. Please disregard. After reinstalling the OS and SQL for the third time it appears to be working for now.
  3. Running Retrospect 7.7 with SQL Add-in. Using the default SQL 2008 R2 instance port I can authenticate to the instance through restrospect and see al lthe databases. When I change the SQL default instance port Retrospect cannot log into the instance and keeps asking to re-authenticate. I have tried Domain accounts, SA Account, and the RBU and of course turning the firewall on and off. Backwards compatibility feature for SQL 2005 X64 is installed. When I use the default instance port for SQL 1434 there isn't an issue. I would rather not use this port though. The application front end works just fine for the SQL back end that is using the non default port. I have reinstalled the agent, and tried to log in using different accounts with permissions that should work but no go. Am I missing something? Thanks, Bill
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