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  1. This sounds like the best course of action. I appreciate your responses Lennart. Thank you.
  2. That makes sense. I have a set of computers which we will be moved and backed up to a new Retrospect server. I want to find out how much space that set of PC's is currently consuming on my existing Retrospect server so that I can estimate how much space on the new server will be needed.
  3. Is there a report that shows how much space within a backup set a given client is using? I can't seem to find anything in the documentation. The operations log shows how much data was backed up during a specific backup session but it doesn't say what the total space used across all sessions in a backup set is.
  4. I'm new retrospect having inherted a couple backup servers from my predecessor. I found under Configure > Client in the properties of one of my clients there are several check boxes on the General tab (including Turn off client software, Stop running backups, Exclude items from backups, etc.). In the Retrospect Documentation for client configuration it only shows a single check box on the general tab of a client's properties page which is "Encrypt network link." I can't find anywhere in the documentation where it shows all of the checkboxes I'm seeing on this general tab and what they mean. I know these servers and clients were updated to version 8.5 from version 7.? Could it be these checkboxes are a remnant of the old version? Is there anywhere that these options are documented?
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