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  1. Thanks for the good informations. I can (and did) look at those criteria, for example with partinfo.exe (PowerQuest). But with these tools I could get only the informations of the host-partitions (they don't change), not the compressed drives. But even if I would have the informations of the compressed drives, I wouldn't know how to get rid of the problem... . Maybe, it's time to abandon the compressed drives and go to uncompressed drives...
  2. Hello, my backup-script doesn't work, because at least one of the source volumes is greyed out. Details: I _can_ remove the greyed-out entry and add it again, because it exists twice, once greyed out and once not-greyed-out. When doing like this, backing up works. I have to do it nearly everytime when doing a backup and therefore skeduled backups doesn't work for this (these) volume(s). The volumes in question are compressed FAT16-partition (e:\, g:\), another compressed FAT16-partition (f:\) works fine, uncompressed partitions work, too. Using: Retrospect Pro 6.0 (Windows), Windows 98SE. Any hints? Regards, Axel
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