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  1. Hello. I would like to know if it's possible to create an image CD or External HD backup of the C drive (OS, programs etc) in case of a total disaster using Retrospect 6.5 for Windows. this will be nice instead of spending more money on another backup software. thanks Mic by the way, I am using Vista.
  2. thanks miacheln... I am just about to start. Mic
  3. Hello, I wanted to create a disaster recovery CD for my computer in case I need to format the HD on install a new one. I wanted to know if the disaster recovery will install all programs and prefrences instead of having to install all programs and fonts etc again. a tidious work when it comes to buying a new computer or formating the HD. I know there are utilites from other compnaies but I prefer using what I have (Retrospect). I am using version 6.5 on Windows XP. thanks MIc
  4. Hello, I cam this morning and found the last night's backup log saying that my backup did not started because "No source volumes where selected". no that's strange, as this system backup runs daily. is it possible to restore a script or do I need to select all those folders again? thanks Mic
  5. what does the "energy saver" has to do with RP shoting it self down after backup?
  6. Hello, I am using retrospect 6.5 for windows and my script includes the option for the computer to shot down after backup completion. sometimes I am in the middle of work when the backup run in the background and if I am too busy and do not notice the computer shots down leaving me sometimes with unsaved work. is there an option somewhere in the prefrences to tell RP to ignore the shot down if someone is working (mouse movment, keyboard...) thanks Mic
  7. hello, I am using 6.5 I have 2 backup scripts running each day. why is a duplicate and one a regular backup. can I set the first backup (duplicate) to close the application after complition and let the later backup close the computer after complition? the prefrences gives one option for the entire application. or not? thanks mic
  8. I am out of the US and forgot the holiday.... I was about to say that again it refused the serial number but now it works. anyhow, I will start using the duplicate backup for my work files just in case. thank you all and happy holiday...(ye get out and have fun, what are you doing in this forum...-) Mic
  9. retrospect wont install on my laptop in order for me to restore my backup files. (from the ext HD)...that sucks!! now, after years of using RP to backup my files, I can not restore them on deferent machine. so what's the point here? I need to buy RP again just to restore my files ? I am trying to call RP and they say they are closed. it's 8 AM , hello...anyone home? Mic
  10. thanks, I am only talking about my work files. not system restore which I didn't even know RP can do. now i know. I will read the help files for that. Mic
  11. never mind. I just re installed version 6.5 and it looks OK...for now. Mic
  12. Hello, when I removed the trial version (7), my version 6.5 was removed as well deleting all the catalog files and prefrences !!! why? !!! since when one version overwrites another? Mic
  13. hello, I am using Retrospet 6.5 on one machine. the backup files are on an external HD. this machine burned. can I use retrospect on a deferent machine (laptop) in oreder to restore all the files from the external HD? thanks Mic
  14. hello, My backup script starts a daily backup eveyday at 19:00. Sometines I manulay start the script before 19:00 and then close the computer. In the morrning when I start the computer, the script starts automaticaly and tries to run as if it missed last nights backup. is there a way to prevent this automatic run if I overide the scheduled script? thanks Mic
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