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  1. We're just about to upgrade from an LTO2 solution to LTO4 - and we're considering this drive: Quantum LTO-4 HH tape drive, Tabletop Kit, 3Gb/s SAS (SFF8088) Includes Backup Exec QuickStart software, data cartridge, cleaning cartridge,SFF8088 to SFF8088 mini-SAS cable, worldwide power cords and product documentation Model number (color): TC-L42BN-EY-B (black) http://www.quantum.com/Products/TapeDrives/LTOUltrium/LTO-4HH/Index.aspx Does anybody know for certain if it will work? There's a lot of talk about Type A and Type B drives from Quantum, and I'm uncertain which this is, or if those distinctions still apply... All advice gratefully received!
  2. We're using Retrospect 5.0.205 on a Mac G4 running System 9.2.2. The hard disc that Retrospect runs on recently failed, but we were able to copy the Retrospect folder to another disc. I'm now trying to run Retrospect from this new location, but it can't see / find / remember any of the scripts / users etc. I can see them in the application and extras folder - but how do I "show" Retrospect where they are? Thanks...
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