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  1. Thank you for your helpful answer. I'am going to upgrade the software.
  2. Yes I just saw this in the manual; but why was it working all time with the SCSI connected Autoloader? It is quite irritating... Edit: thanks for your fast answer
  3. I have got a little problem with the installation. We switched from a Tandberg Autoloader SCSI (LTO3) to a Tandberg Autoloader SAS (LTO4). On a Mac Pro (OSX Server 10.6.8) I changed the PCIe-Card (from SCSI to SAS). Then I installed the driver. I can see the Card and the loader in the system profiler but I don't see the Autoloader in Retrospect. I couldn't find anything in the manual. The Backup worked pretty well with the SCSI. (but slow) Any suggestions? Do i have to update the version of Retrospect? Thanks.
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