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  1. Hi David, the volume error is a random error. Today it works without a problem. But I really interested in incremental block backup. I opened a ticket to the support and the answer was "wait for 2/3 bakcups". This is my fourth backup but no trace of incremental block option... Really frustrated...
  2. I've recently upgraded Retro to v.15. I've installed a Retro client on an Exchange 2016 server. It has discovered all the DB and I have done the first bk. I've setted up an incremental level block backup. I'm at the third backup but no trace of incremental bk. I've started the bk on friday, I've done a manual bk in the morning, the planned backups have worked only on Saturday, it has failed on friday night and on sunday night with "no volume" errors. Today I've tried to launch a manual bk and it is working without a problem right now... This randomized behaviour of Retro makes me crazy... Regards, Graziano.
  3. I recentrly updated my DC to windows 2012. I installed Retrospct 7.7.620 with Retro Launcher service. My issue is that Retro Launcher doesn't launch scheduled backup. I changed credential with administrator one without result. Since windows 2008 R2 It worked without problems. Now my workaround is to leave an open session of Retrospect. Regards, Graziano.
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