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  1. Well I get to snapshots: Lets say I have a four DVD back up Databases 2013 _Archive 1 2013 _Archive 2 2013 _Archive 3 2013 _Archive 4 Do I have to do all of them or just the last one in the set, 2013 _Archive 4?
  2. Thanks Tim, So after I double click on the Backup Set Catalog Another window pops open with: Summary/Options/Snapshots/Members Under Snapshots I have two folders called •ARCHIVE that's where I put the files I wanted to backup. The other folder is called the Databases: I would imagine I click on Databases/click ADD? Sorry I guess I'm not sure of the steps Chris
  3. Hello All, I'm hoping someone can help me out with ye old ver 6 of Retrospect? I was getting this error: Sorry, can't open the Retro.Config (6.0) file, error -24203 (not a chunk file or badly damaged) I was told from Retro tech that the .pref file is corrupt. (I do not have a copy of .pref file either other wise I would just replace) I tossed it out and Retrospect is now working but I lost all my Scripts to my Backups. I still have the Databases (Backup Set Catalog files) I just can't access them. I back up to DVD and have the DVD's The Backups are client Graphic Design files not a backup of a computer or Server. My question is does anyone know how to remake scripts to see my Backups? Thanks Chris
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