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  1. You're right, but 3,5TB was a pretty round figure. It's around 3.1TB actually. It's set to use at max 90% of the drive space. I've setup an ad-hoc network and split the backup in two now, lets see if it does the trick.
  2. This is interesting indeed. I will definitely do this and see if it helps. Thank you for your help so far :-)
  3. Hello and sorry for the late response! The catalog file is 271MB on disk and hosted locally on the server running Retrospect. I am actually gonna try setting up an ad hoc network between the server and NAS and see if that solves the problem. I've never had these problems before, but then again, I've never managed a network backup of this size.
  4. Hey, We're having a major problem with Retrospect 7.7 at one of our customers. It's setup to store the backup on a NAS (Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra II, over a good quality gigabit network connection). It works for a few weeks, then it just comes to a complete halt spitting out "Device trouble: "1-Huvudbackup - IQFSQL, error -105 ( unexpected end of data )" A rebuild/repair doesn't work at all, it keeps spitting out the same message. While this is happening, the actual connection between Retrospect and the NAS works just fine. Everything copies nicely if you do it through explorer etc. The disks are tested and tested again, and even replaced. Still the same fault. I have to recycle the entire backup for it to work, which is a big no no. The backup size is around 3,5TB. Please help! /Daniel, ITSSAB
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