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  1. We would like to install a retroclient on a Synology RS815RP+ NAS running DSM 6.1.3-15152. We know that Retrospect Clients are not officially supported on Synology or Qnap, but we have a client already working well on another RS815RP+, installed by our previous linux specialist. Our current specialist wrote: "I haven't been able to find any documentation regarding installing RCL on a synology device. I'm hesitant to try on a production device as synology's "linux" is their own special distribution. Retrospect I think recommends installing the RCL on a windows or linux machine (as normal), and mounting the NAS device on your RCL target, and just backing up the mounted directory" Has anyone else done a client install and are there any special considerations that must be made?
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    This issue was resolved for my clients by simply blowing away the old shadow copies. >vssadmin Delete Shadows /All Thanks for your input.
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    Thanks for the info. I think this has steered me in the right direction to resolving "error -3045 ( there is insufficient storage space to complete the operation)" I am getting on a number of Win7 x64 systems with v.8. The command: C:\Windows\system32>fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo <drive#>: ...will list the bytes for sector (4096) However in Win7pro, inexplicably, there is no vssadmin"add" command so I can't resize the volume sectors. Anyone have a work around?
  4. Ok more details. Box pops up with message "Retrospect Script <soandso> failed during automatic execution. Error -530 (backup client not found). Please launch retrospect and check log for detail." Problem is, I never had the program crash to a message box if it could not find a client before.
  5. Getting occasional crashes to win64 desktop after upgrade. Using multitape option. Not seeing anything in the app or system logs. Anyone else?
  6. Well I don't think is it. I am using new DLT4000's. So I went back, did a complete recycle backup, starting all over... got the same message when I reached tape #6 (different tape this time). Must be more to it. Any suggestions?
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