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  1. Hi I tried with SA user account still the same error Srnath
  2. Hi Amy, Thanks for your reply, I can see the sqlserver databases in source and target machines after mapping the Volumes, While using Database Restore option I can see source( from tape) database but on target I can see only SQLSERVER I can't drill down to see Databases. I tried with Windows Authentication & domain account , but no luck, I will try with sa soon. Srnath
  3. Amy, Thanks for your reply, I have gone through the steps in user guide only, I want to restore an user created database(Sqlserver 2005) from tape to another Machine which is also running Sqlserver 2005. I can see all databases( system and user created) in the source macine , While on the target machine I can see only SqlServer, but cannot see any databases. I'm selecting the selecting the sqlserver as target , I do have 2 separate lisences for source and target machines. Regards Srnath
  4. Hai, I tried to restore the database on Sqlserver 2005 , still I'm getting same error message. I'm selecting the source, and target clients correctly, Any one can help if I'm missing any other steps. Regards Srnath
  5. Amy, Thanks for your information, I will try to restore on Sql server 2005 only. Regards Ravi
  6. Hai, We are takeing SQLSERVER 2005 Database backup successfully, When I tried to restore one of the Database on to another server running on SQLSERVER2000, I'm getting the following Error message: Trouble writing files, error -1004 (Database Backup/Restore error) Is there any documentation / procedure to Restore SQLserver Databases? I need to restore to SQLSERVER 2005 server only? We are using Retrospect 7.5 , on windows server 2003 OS. Thanks for any help Regards Srnath
  7. Hi, We are having 2 GB memory on the server, no error messages in event log. Thanks Srnath
  8. Hi, I'm getting following error:Trouble reading files, error -1018 (not enough memory), I'm getting this message since yesterday, I rebooted server, but no luck, we are running Retrospect 7.5 on windows 2003 server. Did any one had the same problem, I will be very thankful to you if you mail me the fix for this propblem. Thanks Regards Srnath
  9. Hai, Windows NT backup utility ran successfully, Today Restrospect 7.0 also backedup exchange with out any error messages. Thanks Srnath
  10. Hi, I tried unlicensing/re-licensing the Exchange volume within Retrospect, and rebooted the server, but still came up with errors Unknown windows error -613, error -1001 and error 3662. Thanks Srnath
  11. Exchange backup ran successfully for 1 day, I got same error messages today??? I haven't tried unlicensing/re-licensing the Exchange volume within Retrospect. I will try and come back? do we need to reboot the server after upgrade to retrospect 7.0? please mail any suggesions. Srnath
  12. Hi Michaeln, Thanks for your response, We actually had some exchange database corrupions , after repairing those we successfully backed up the exchange server. Srnath
  13. Recently we upgraded from Restrospect 6.5 to 7 version, when we tried to backup the Windows exchange server the following error messages occured, MapError;Unknown windows error-613, TwDExchange server 2000;backup Read:HrESEBackup read file Failed winerr-613, error 1001. File "storage\0xxxLog";can't read , error- 3662(function called in an invalid sequence) If any one had this problem before please kindly mail the solution, Thanks in advance Srnath Does any on
  14. srnath

    Backup Time

    Hi, I made the changes as you mentioned, The backup jobs ran successfully with out any errors, Will those changes affect while restoring? Shall I continue with those changes? Thanks Srnath
  15. srnath

    assertion failure

    Hi I too had the same problem backing up w2k exchange data, But i haven't got any solution yet, Discussion's about that error are at the following link, http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=45987&page=1&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1 Good luck Srnath