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  1. I installed Windows 8 later, the notebook came with Win-7-Pro. I'm an MSDN member so I used that version of Win-8-Pro. You are absolutely right about the disk geometry, I failed to calculate the sizes correctly. I tried the experiment again with smaller partitions and it worked perfectly. CloneZilla Live is a fantastic product that saves the day for us dual-boot users! It is the only way I know of to save and restore a dual boot system! The compression is very good so I'm inclined to make a CloneZilla backup regularly. I'm also looking for a way to make a donation to both CloneZilla and Parted-Magic organizations, those guys are heros!
  2. I Continued my CloneZilla testing by restoring to different size hard drive. My original dual boot disk was a 1TB, and I tried to restore to a 750GB. It failed with partitions won't fit errors. I don't understand why because I backed up individual partitions not the entire disk. I didn't want to leave the impression that CloneZilla was trouble free. Being able to replace a hard drive with the exact same size is not always possible.
  3. I bought an extra set of hard drives so I could test the recover procedure and see what actually works and what doesn't. I could NOT get Windows 8 Installation to repair the MBR after it had been set to dual boot by Linux. Retrospect Restore System does NOT work. Windows System Recovery Backup / Restore does NOT work. There is something about the modified MBR that breaks all of these tools. Thanks to Scillonain, I then tried CloneZilla and found a solution that works beautifully. I use CloneZilla to backup the entire hard drive infrastructure, and Retrospect to Backup and maintain incremental backups of the files (both Windows and Linux), and Regedit to backup the Registry after installations and updates. I use different directories on an external 3TB external SATA drive to store each area of backup. Then to Restore onto a new hard drive, I boot the CloneZilla CD and restore the initial working dual boot system. Then boot to the Windows partition of the new disk, and use Retrospect to restore JUST THE FILES on the Windows Partitions. Then use Regedit to restore the Registry.
  4. I have a notebook that I dual boot between Windows-8 and Linux-Ubuntu-12.04. After the main drive went bad and was replaced, I realized that it appeared impossible to restore the system from my Retrospect Backups. I booted the Disaster Recovery CD that I made and restored the C: drive, but it wouldn't boot because the MBR had been modified by Linux to point to the Linux /boot parition which didn't exist yet! Is there any way to build and later restore a Windows/Linux dual boot system? If I was able to modify the MBR back to the way Windows had it prior to the Linux dual boot modification, I would be all set. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a tool that worked. They all produced the error message "Repair Unsuccessful".
  5. Retrospect 6.0 has a serious problem with reading volume information from at least one type of DVD-RAM device. I've tried formatting the media in both NTFS and UDF2.0, but still see the same problem. The device status always displays as "Content unrecognized" and the name of the volume always displays "(Unknown)". Suprisingly, most of Retrospect's functionality still works in spite of the problem. Several backup operations completed successfully as well as the following compare operations. Restore operations work as long as the restore is done from the current media still mounted from the last backup operation. The seriousness of the problem is demonstrated when prompted to mount a previous media. In that case Retrospect is unable to see that the requested volume member has been inserted into the drive. System specifics are as follows: O.S. version: Windows 2000 with SP3 and all current updates Retrospect version: Multi-server 6.0 with Driver update 3.6.104 Device name on face-plate: Panasonic LF-D321 Device info from Configure / Environment MATSHITA DVD-RAM LF-D310 version A122 Driver: Panasonic DVD-RAM/R (1.53)
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