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  1. Okay... Primary backup server is running on Mac OS X 10.3.4. A client system, Windows XP SP1 drive failed. Installed new drive and Windows XP. Did a full drive restore... although it works fine, Windows doesn't boot up, gets about half way done and then just stops. Installed Windows XP again on top of the "restored" drive and things seemed to work, but not really. I then formatted that drive and did the same steps, but instead of a full drive restore, did a file/folder restores of the drive. Same problem. Setup a new drive with XP, setup the other HD as a secondary drive... did a RESTORE to the secoundary drive... all goes fine... but that HD now gets a Boot Failure on it. Not sure what to do. Any restores of Mac systems have been flawless.
  2. Hi... I have two backup sets. I want new sets to swap out on Friday, NOT Sunday. It doesn't seem to matter how I do it, it defaults the two sets to a weekly (every 2 weeks) and Sun-Sat routine schedule. How can I fix this? Thanks.
  3. Im not in front of it now... it was whatever came from Apple as a custom built system in late 1999 or early 2000. MacD
  4. I have a G4/500 w/ SCSI and my VXA works like a charm with the new Retrospect. In fact, I had to restore my "Stickies" file after installing 10.1.4. My first restore, worked flawlessly. MacD
  5. If you have an Aiport Card in your system, just uncheck it... and it should see everything properly. Appears to be a BUG... BTW - Hope you didn't pay MORE than you should have.... you can buy the workgroup version for $305 (which includes 20 clients) from MacWarehouse and probably other places like Outpost, etc. MacD
  6. Just a word of warning.... Dantz is selling Retrospect Express & Desktop at "Street Prices", basically, what you would pay purchasing from places such as MacWarehouse. However, Workgroup & Server versions they are selling at full price. I purchased the desktop version, because of the price increase for functionality in the workgroup, which is what I really desired. Dantz Price for Desktop 5.0 $149.00 Dantz Price for Workgroup 5.0 $499.00 MacWarehouse price for Workgroup 5.0, $305.00. I just purchased Desktop 5.0 & 5 Clients for $330 from Dantz. I got screwed. Not only did I not get the functionality of the Workgroup version & the 20 clients, I paid MORE for less. MacD
  7. MY RESULTS: I skipped all the other directions and headed toward the SERVER (Port Order) suggestion and here is what I found: I have a G4/500 w/ Ethernet/Airport/Modem. All 3 are active. When I put Ethernet in the TOP section, it didn't work. When I turned off "airport" it DID work (without restarting Retrospect). If I turned it on, clients are gone, if I turn it on, clients gone... this is all with Ethernet checked and in the first position. It found both Windows & OS X clients using this method. I even tried restarting Restrospect w/ Airport on, and it didn't work. Basically, I can use Airport with Retrospect at this point.... so that is my BUG. It doesn't effect me at this point, and I can now backup my clients, but this should be LOGGED as a BUG. macD
  8. Well, when I get home tonight, I will try it out. I have Windows XP client which worked fine in the Preview release and its not even showing up, I even reinstalled it (5.6) and no luck. So, it must be a "server" issue and not client... I will keep this thread posted. Thanks, MacD
  9. Why NOT provide a WORKGROUP version w/ NO CLIENTS? I don't want to pay for 20 clients, I don't even like paying for 5... I only have 4. MacD
  10. My complaint isn't in what they offer... its the SWITCH. Retrospect 4.3 Desktop provided all the functionality I needed... this same functionality was exhibited in Retrospect 5.0 Preview... NOW... I have to go purchase Workgroup or possible Server to get the same functionality... when the Desktop version worked fine before. I have 4 machines to backup. I feel screwed. MacD
  11. It is disappointing to have to purchase a WORKGROUP w/ 20 clients, when all I have is 4 clients to get a "Select by IP" option or to backup a system that is on a different subnet. Blows us "creative" people at home with different network subnets routed through a Linux box. Dantz... WAKE UP... stop slapping your customers in the face. This is short sidedness on the part of the marketing department and someone needs to wake up. I think this is a classic Bait & Switch issue... BAIT us with the workgroup version for 3 months then make us purchase the more expensive version.... hmmm... did anyone say State Attorney General or BBB? Anyone else who would like to join in my filing complaints? MacD
  12. Yea, I could find anything about the 30 day free support either. I think its a joke that I can't enter an IP address, even if its not on the same subnet. Well, lets hope I can get home tonight in time to get support during their normal business hours. MacD
  13. I too am having this problem. Just purchased the mac desktop version with a 5 (mac/win) clients and got everything setup, can't see me other macosx client OR windows xp client. Each with the latest and greatest... all are on the same hubs, on the same subnet. This is bogus, why can't I just type in the IP address to make life easy? If you have this thing about only local subnet systems, then just mask the IP address in the IP selector box and let us change the 4th octet. Oh well!!! So much for saying up late working on this... hope someone figures this out fast.
  14. Thats like saying that using Appletalk shares is an ideal solution to backing up remote mac systems. Come on, you need the client to do a full and complete restore backup. Yes, you can do a few folders via those options, but its not practical. macd
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